The Best Way to Upgrade
Your School Security


Many schools have made a significant investment in video surveillance systems to help keep students and staff safe. The past few years have seen immense growth in the installation of cameras, video management systems (VMS) and other products to address this objective. It can often be a lengthy route to obtain funding approval, select a vendor and install the system on the premises. Once this process is completed, it is not likely that a school or district will approve further budget allocations towards video surveillance for a period of time.

However, VMS technology moves quickly. New capabilities are constantly in development, with features that do more to help secure schools and keep students, staff, and visitors safer. No school wants to fall behind in the level of protection they provide to their community. This presents a challenge when a school wants to upgrade video management systems but needs to preserve an existing investment in security.

The best way to upgrade legacy security systems

Supporting school security is a priority for i-PRO. We developed our Competitive Upgrade Program (CUP) to help schools and districts improve surveillance system capabilities. CUP enables you to replace your existing video surveillance software, move away from annual maintenance and licensing costs, and save up to 50% or more on the Video Insight VMS* — a full enterprise solution that provides you a vast array of features at no additional cost.

Here are a few of the great reasons to take advantage of the Competitive Upgrade Program:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve overall system capabilities
  • Increase quality of support for your school
  • Huge initial cost savings on VMS
  • Eliminate annual VMS maintenance costs
  • Video Insight supports over 4,100 camera models from over 150 manufacturers
  • Enterprise VMS functionality without hidden costs
  • Includes Mobile Apps, Video Wall Client, Unlimited Client Seats, and more
  • Video Insight includes MonitorCast Enterprise Access Control Platform at no additional cost
  • Add plug-ins in a flash
  • Video Insight is fully integrated with industry leading access control platforms

Support at every step

Need help determining the best integrated security solution for your school? Our Secure Campus experts will guide you through every step of the process.

Working with our network i-PRO certified integrators, we can provide a security assessment based on your specific facility or campus environment.

If you are facing a budget shortfall, our Grants Program specialists can help you find if additional funding is available to augment your budget.

The i-PRO Secure Campus program is designed to partner with you through every step, from the system selection, through the installation and implementation process.

Get all the benefits of i-PRO education solutions

Your school deserves the best technology, and i-PRO has you covered. Discover our AI-driven products and analytics solutions for schools and campuses. Learn how our cameras deliver superior surveillance system performance.

You can have it all with i-PRO, including true ownership with no annual maintenance fees.

And when it is time for an upgrade, we will help you make sure you get the most value out of your existing investment.

Securing the Future

i-PRO integrated video surveillance and security system solutions for schools include:

With 60 years of security as our foundation, we look to the future with leading-edge technology to keep your students, staff, and visitors safe and secure.

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*Terms and Conditions

  1. The reseller must be part of the Panasonic Authorized Video Surveillance Reseller Program to be eligible for this offer.
  2. Upgrade from any Non-Freeware / Non-Demo Version VMS at a discounted rate. Proof of purchase/licensing is required.
  3. Eligibility subject to Panasonic final discretion.
  4. The Competitive Upgrade Program (CUP UL) is only valid until March 31, 2021.
  5. The discounted licensing fee is applied at the time of purchase through your authorized distributor.
  6. The reseller must work with an authorized Panasonic distributor to receive discounted licensing fee.
  7. Panasonic i-PRO and Advidia cameras are bundled with a free Video Insight camera license and do not require this offer.
  8. Panasonic i-PRO reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion without prior notice.