Medical Vision

Medical Vision Business

We specialize in the development and manufacturing of camera modules integrated into medical devices such as surgical microscopes and endoscopes, as well as image processing boards that output images to monitors, selling them to medical device manufactures.

Our collaborative research with medical professionals has resulted in the introduction of numerous pioneering products to the market that are contributing to the medical industry.

Our core technologies, including spectroscopic technology and pixel shift precision bonding technology, empower us to unveil previously overlooked or challenging -to-see tissues with high -definition clarity and precision.  
Currently, many of our products are being introduced in the rigid endoscopes and surgical microscopes around the world.


We’re working locally across the world

No matter if it is a medical or industrial application, our Medical Vision product systems are suitable in a wide variety of segments.
Whether surgeons or researchers, camera crews or quality control inspectors – everyone could benefit from the freedom to see what can’t be seen.
And through working in partnership and tireless local customer service, it’s freedom we’re here to maintain. 
Whether you’re an end-user, system integrator or distributor, discover the freedom of our full range of products and component vision technology. 

Be confident that you can see

With a history of over 60 years of technological innovation and pursuit of quality, powerful edge devices, and advanced video technology, i⁻PRO achieves thorough "visualization" of information that was previously impossible to grasp.

In the medical field, for over 30 years we have developed and supplied camera modules to manufacturers of rigid endoscopes and surgical microscopes, contributing to the development of cutting-edge medical care.

i-PRO Medical Vision product chronology and know-how of over 30 years

i-PRO has always offered our customers industry first.
Through joint research with doctors, we have announced many world-first and industry-first product.
We comtribute to the development of medical care by listening to the voices of the field and providing solutions that go one step further.


Bringing together all our know-how to embody the needs of our customers.

i-PRO medical cameras are developed and manufactured in Japan.

■ We conduct various reliability tests in-house to meet the strict requirements for medical devices and ensure that our customers, who are medical device manufacturers, can use our products safely and stably.

■ At the i-PRO factory, we manufacture ultra-precise, high-accuracy products in order to guarantee the high quality demanded for medical use.

■ In a dust-free clean room, we perform adhesion, assembly, and prototyping evaluation of optical modules for small-diameter cameras and prism modules.

■ Our camera products are manufactured responsibly at our own factory in Japan. At our factory, we have acquired the following certifications, consider the environment and information security, and manufacture and supply high-quality products safely and stably. ISO9001:2015 / ISO14001:2015 / ISO/IEC27001:2013 / UL ;




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