City Surveillance

i-PRO EXTREME Solutions for City Surveillance

Security cameras are being extensively installed in public spaces in an effort to ensure safety and peace of mind.

There are already many i-PRO cameras and systems in use at strategic points on streets and in transportation facilities.
What is necessary for street surveillance is to be able to record high-visibility video over a long period and also analyze the resulting data.

Here we show how i-PRO's superior security cameras and solutions can be applied in different usage situations.

City Streets


Monitor intersections and streets 24/7

In a variety of intersections and city monitoring areas, our systems can capture high-quality video of incidents even in extreme environments and conditions.
Secure your city, protect your citizens and create a safe environment.

- Problem

1. With few cameras installed, there are many blind spots in the intersection
2. Video is not clear because of rain drops and dirt adhering to the lens cover

- Solution

1. With 4K high resolution, for a three-lane road it is possible to identify vehicles at a diagonal 100 feet from the corner.
In 270-degree view (Full intersection view), One multi sensor camera at intersection corner, It enables monitoring with minimized blind spots and enables to monitoring even if bottom view angle.

Learn more: Multi-Sensor Camera

270-degree view(Full intersection view)
270-degree view(Full intersection view)

2. Water drops stick to the dome cover on conventional cameras and hinder the shooting of clear images.
Our ClearSight coating models are coated to repel water drops in order that the camera captures clear images when it is raining.
This coating is also effective at repelling dirt, which reduces the frequency of needing to clean the dome cover.

Learn more: ClearSight Coating

ClearSight Coating
ClearSight Coating

Search out suspicious vehicles in a short time

Even in cases of incomplete information from eyewitnesses who did not see the license plate, our systems are useful for shortening investigation time by efficiently searching out candidate vehicles using limited information such as vehicle color, model, and direction of travel.

- Problem

1. Vehicle searches take a long time because of incomplete and vague eyewitness information
2. It is difficult to share information between the control center and people on the scene

- Solution

1. Video can be played instantly using search-result thumbnails. 1 click on a thumbnail and Play high resolution image from VMS to confirm.
The direction of the car is displayed on the map with the playback image and the thumbnail image.


Vehicle Search Solution
Vehicle Search Solution

2. Reports can be generated showing the vehicle's route on a map.
In the case management window, manage suspicious candidates and create the report for on-site officer to confirm with witness easily & quickly, such as, by email.

Vehicle Search System
The vehicle's route on a map Report


Road traffic

Achieve highly reliable license plate number recognition

Highly accurate license plate number recognition is achieved by combining a superior plate number recognition engine with a camera which can clearly photograph license plates. In addition, by linking to Video Insight VMS software, it is possible to strengthen security and save labor in security operations.

- Problem

1. Cameras perform poorly and the license plate number recognition engine cannot identify the numbers
2. It is not possible to quickly find scanned license plates

- Solution

1. "Velocity Detection" and "Day & Night Detection" help capture the numbers of vehicles even if they are traveling at high speeds or at night.
Advanced image stabilization is used to prevent capturing blurry images, and intelligent sensitivity automatically is used to adjust the camera’s gain and shutter speed according to brightness levels and movement of the object.

Intelligent Auto(iA) mode
Intelligent Auto(iA) mode

2. The license plate number recognition add-on for Video Insight makes it possible to easily track plate numbers with searches by date and time or from the start of the plate number.

LPR add-on for Video Insight
LPR add-on for Video Insight

Airport / Transit

Airport _Transit

Ensure the safety of public spaces using facial recognition

Recognized by an authoritative institution, Deep Learning Facial Recognition is highly accurate and quickly identifies subject persons, thereby making it possible to avert danger.

- Problem

1. Due to the lack of facial recognition accuracy, there are false alerts and missed alerts
2. It is not possible to take immediate action when suspicious persons enter the facility
3. It is difficult to track suspicious persons and monitor their actions
4. Cases where unauthorized persons (accompanying persons, etc.) enter the facility are missed

- Solution

1. Face matching speed is very fast. Its speed is only 1 second(*1) with 30,000 faces.
2. This system can register max.30,000(*2) faces for face matching.
3. The face search function of this system can search 5 million faces of database in 3 seconds(3*).

*1 From receiving the face thumbnail to matching in face matching server.
*2 Two Additional Face Registration Kits WV-ASFE951 are necessary.
*3 The best case when the time range is narrowed down and the number of search result is 100 faces. Depending on the search conditions, the search time may take several minutes.

High Speed Facial Recognition
1-sec Match with registered watchlist
High Speed Face Search
3-sec Search from 5,000,000 Faces

Parking lot/Park

Parking lot

Monitor wide spaces and dark spaces

Even in dark places where it is difficult to distinguish colors, important color information can be identified, and even in nighttime 0 lux environments, the movements of persons 350 meters away can be captured.

- Problem

1. In low-light environments, it is difficult to identify the colors of clothing, vehicles, etc.
2. It is not possible to monitor a wide area in dark environments (nighttime, etc.)

- Solution

1. Color Night Vision technology transforms a standard 1/3 inch sensor camera into an effective, low-light capable camera, enabling it to produce an extremely high-quality image even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

Color Night Vision
Color Night Vision

2. Enables user to see an object at 350m away with built-in IR-LED lighting even in a 0 lux environment.
40x optical zoom function can survey further, and clearly see objects at long distances.

Learn more: IR-PTZ Camera

View objects in dark conditions
View objects in dark conditions



Monitor severe environments with high winds,salt-laden sea breezes, etc.

High system durability makes it possible to capture clear video even in severe environments (tropical rain storms, extreme low/high temperatures, high winds, salt-laden sea breezes, etc.)

- Problem

1. The video blurs when the camera shakes in high winds>
2. Salt-laden sea breezes cause extensive corrosion
3. High levels of water and dust resistance are necessary

- Solution

1. High-power, 40x optical zoom lens allows for higher resolution images of objects at a distance.
The advanced image stabilization function can stabilize high-power zoom images by absorbing vibrations.

Intelligent Zoom Stabilization
Intelligent Zoom Stabilization

2. Heavy salt damage resistance, with film thickness of 100 micrometers or more, provides protection from salty wind corrosion.
The use of screws with an anti-salt surface treatment prevents trouble occurring from corroded screws in the product.

Heavy Salt Damage Resistance
Heavy Salt Damage Resistance(Compliant with ISO14993)

3. The outdoor models have waterproof and dustproof structures that are rated IP66 for exterior installations, eliminating the need for special housing and/or waterproof protection.

Rainwater Protection
Rainwater Protection

Case Study

ClearSight Coating City Surveillance / Scotland (UK)


The Scottish winter can be a challenge for any technology. But, for CCTV surveillance systems,
which are expected to provide the images that keep streets safe, it can be especially difficult.
Water marks, dust build up and condensation would mean we couldn’t provide the level of request.
How to maintain fully city surveillance visibility even in challenging winter conditions, notorious for
causing condensation and water spots.

Customer comment

On many models, when the rain stops, you tend to get a coating of dust on the dome, We just haven’t seen that with the i-PRO cameras. In fact, we have actually halved the number of maintenance visits, which we think probably equates to a £50,000 annual saving.
A camera in the Motherwell area has on several occasions been used to catch vehicles that were used in some pretty serious crime. The quality of the footage and the evidence packs that we are giving the police is exactly what they are looking for.
The result has been impressive. The council has seen a reduction in the number of criminal and anti-social incidents within the residential blocks, the cameras have contributed greatly to this. The people living in the blocks feel safer as a result.

Learn more: ClearSight Coating City Surveillance / UK

Pendle Borough Council / England (UK)


Situated amongst the rolling hills of East Lancashire and comprising busy towns such as Colne and Nelson,
who sit alongside more rural communities such as Earby and Barnoldswick, Pendle Borough Council felt it a top priority to keep up the appeal of the area by upgrading its CCTV system to support its buoyant tourist industry and for the reassurance of its residents.

System adoption method

After the first system was installed in the Marsden Park area, Pendle Borough Council immediately recognized the benefits, and understood the advantages and cost benefits a series of networked surveillance systems would bring to them.
To monitor crystal clear images from each estate from a purpose built control facility within the Town Hall at Colne, where Housing Pendle are based, and also from each of the estates’ individual community centers. Addressing these criteria, we installed i-PRO control equipment and a hard disk recorder within each community center, recording visual information from a network of cameras throughout each estate.
Both live and recorded footage can be accessed from any part of the network, at any control facility, including the one at the town hall, which features a 50” i-PRO plasma display to pick out even the smallest detail from the high resolution camera images.


Each of the system’s stakeholders can view over 100 cameras in total, allowing a true borough wide overview of the area, whether it’s the urban residential areas of Housing Pendle or the rural village center of Barnoldswick; each community has directly benefited from the introduction of the advanced surveillance solution.

Customer comment

The i-PRO solutions have proved fruitful in detecting a number of serious offences within Pendle, including burglaries, theft from and of motor vehicles, and assaults.
The ability for any officer to have 24 hour access to quality images from our digital video recorders has made an impressive impact on detecting crime and disorder in the area.