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One Partner for K-12
Education Security


Choosing and purchasing security products for education doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy for you with the power of one – a comprehensive solution for education.

i-PRO integrated video surveillance and security system solutions for schools include:

An easier purchasing process for you

Think of i-PRO as your security one-stop-shop for schools and higher ed. There’s no need to search for the best provider for each individual product, no need to struggle to determine the right end-to-end education solution. When you work with i-PRO, you can be sure of finding best-in-class solutions with seamless integration, supported by experienced professionals with proven expertise.

Support at every step

Our education security experts will guide you through every step of the process. Working with our certified integrators, we can provide an assessment based on your facility or campus environment. If you are facing a budget shortfall, our experts driving the Grants Program can help you find funding to cover the gap. Our team will partner with you through the purchase and installation of your solution to ensure your satisfaction. And when it’s time for an upgrade, we’ll help you make sure you get the most possible value out of your existing investment.

Get all the benefits of i-PRO education solutions

Your school deserves the best technology, and i-PRO has you covered. Discover our AI-driven products and analytics solutions for schools and campuses. Learn how our cameras deliver superior surveillance system performance. You can have it all with i-PRO, including true ownership with no annual maintenance fees.

Securing the Future

With 60 years of security as our foundation, we look to the future with leading-edge technology to keep your students, staff and visitors safe and secure.

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