What are the current problems?

Station/Station Square

>> Unable to see the required parts (face and number plates, etc.) because of an analog system
>> Cameras unable to adjust to changes in the surrounding environment
>> Limitations to crime prevention due to camera blind spots
>> Wanting to utilize existing analog systems for IP migration


Track and Railway

>> Preventing intruders on the tracks and pranks such as rocks placed on the railway tracks
>> Areas become completely dark (0 lux) at night due to a lack of streetlamps
>> Inability to see due to mist, strong rain, or snow
>> Wanting to reduce maintenance and equipment costs
>> Needing to respond to seasonal changes in the environment, such as high and low temperatures
>> Unable to install cameras in places exposed to strong vibrations, strong winds, or sea breezes


Control Room

>> A large number of security cameras required to monitor a wide area
>> Captured images cannot be clearly seen due to bad weather
>> Suspicious persons such as terrorists cannot be searched for even if images of their face exist
>> A long time is taken to search for the required images
>> No way to check video when away from the control room


Train / Bus

>> Many blind spots result in vandalism and molestation
>> Possibility of damage and blocking of cameras installed in low areas
>> Capturing video of accidents outside the vehicle with a tough camera that can withstand high temperatures, and damage from car wash equipment, etc.



  • Capture the desired images clearly and without fail
  • Intelligent cameras quickly detect and notify you of abnormal situations
  • Environment resistance and a wide product lineup for use in various environments and scenarios
  • One-stop provision of management software, controllers, and recorders, etc., in addition to cameras
  • Migrate to advanced IP systems while utilizing existing analog systems and cables, etc.




Station / Station Square

High Image Quality

Providing Smooth Images with High Image Quality Exceeding 4K

i-PRO network cameras use the newly developed LSI platform and highly sensitive MOS sensors to provide video with high image quality and smooth and natural color tones. Clear and easy to view images of the location you want to monitor can be provided in various locations, both indoors and outdoors. The maximum resolution is 4,000 x 3,000 pixels (WV-SFV781L / WV-SPV781L). A frame rate of 60 fps at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels can be captured to support locations where fast cars and trains pass by. JPEG/ H.264 multiple streaming transmission is also supported.



High-Precision and Wide Range Monitoring

A single 4K resolution camera covers a wide area. High quality images enable far away objects to be checked.


Super Dynamic Technology

In stations and on railway tracks, subjects can become backlit or partially hidden in shadow due to the direction of sunlight changing according to the season and time of the day, which can cause images to become hard to see.
In images with a large difference in illumination, bright areas become too white and dark areas become hard to see.
However, Super Dynamic technology adjusts the dark areas and bright areas to enable monitoring with natural images.
This can be particularly useful for identifying individuals by brightening human faces in environments where light is shining from behind the subject.


Track and Railway

Fog and Sandstorm Reduction

Video can be corrected to provide clearer images by removing elements that obstruct the camera's field of vision, such as fog or sandstorms.


High Light Compensation

If a bright light source such as car headlights points in the direction of a camera, the area around the light source becomes white and cannot be seen.
i-PRO cameras correct for strong lights and their surroundings to provide clear images of areas that could not be seen with other cameras.


Rain-wash Coating

The application of rain-wash coating to the dome cover provides clearer visibility, allowing good security to be maintained even when the camera is installed in an environment subject to rain or water splashing. In addition, the coating resists attachment of dirt to the dome cover, and also allows dirt to be washed off easily during rainfall or other exposure to water.
* WV-SFV781L / WV-SPV781L / WV-SW598 / WV-SW397A


Control Room

Management Software

Software for performing batch management can also be selected according to the scale of the system. This software can be used to efficiently and effectively operate systems using the minimum required resources, reducing TCO.

For small and medium scale systems

i-PRO Management Software WV-ASM300
A management system that uses a Windows PC.
Enables optimal system configurations for small and medium scale systems.


For large scale systems

IP Matrix Server Software WV-ASC970/WV-ASM970
A large scale CCTV/surveillance system that uses a combination of a Linux server and Windows PCs.
Enables environments with both IP and analog devices to be managed and operated.


Visibility Enhancement

Even in situations where bad weather such as snow or heavy rain means that the video cannot be seen well, i-PRO Management Software (WV-ASM200+WV-ASE205 or WV-ASM970+WV-ASE903) can be used to correct live images and images that have been recorded. It is also possible to brighten dark subjects to make areas that are hard to see more visible.


In Train

EN50155  "Railway applications" :
Electronic equipment used on rolling stock

EN45545  "Fire safety on rolling stock" :
Preventive fire protection in railway vehicles - Fire behavior and fire side effects of materials and parts.

Recommended i-PRO cameras for Train

360-degree Dome(5M)
360-degree Dome
Compact Dome


In Buses

Our NEW i-PRO Transit solution equips transit agencies with the tools to provide a safer environment for bus passengers and drivers while protecting the vehicles from theft and vandalism and reducing expensive manpower requirements to manually upload video data. The system provides complete video surveillance of the inside and outside of the bus— improving response times to incidents as well as increasing the chances of arrest and conviction should a crime occur, helping reduce time spent in litigation.


Recommended i-PRO cameras for Bus

360-degree Dome
Compact Dome
Rugged Mobile