Law Enforcement

Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement Industry

Maintaining the integrity of evidence is one of the most important functions of law enforcement. With Video Insight not only does it make it easy to secure, validate and substantiate evidence from interview rooms, but it allows law enforcement officials fast access to evidence in the event of an investigation.

Key Benefits

- Easy to setup and manage
- User-Friendly Monitoring and Investigations with one-click access to information
- Multi-System Growth and Management of school surveillance, access with visibility across all campuses from anywhere
- Support more cameras with less hardware
- Futureproof Investment through custom applications or technology upgrades
- Support for Access Control

Case Studies

  • Government

Mt Gambier Prison

Security CCTV system major upgrade for Mt Gambier Prison 160 additional beds. Install a future proofed system for prison expansion requirements in the next 5-7 years.

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