Video Surveillance for K-12 and
Higher Education with No
Licensing Fees


When installing a security solution for your school or campus, there are several concerns to address. It is not enough to ensure you have the best possible technology that fits the specific needs of your premises. You must also make it fit into your available budget. Total cost of ownership for school security only begins with the purchase price of hardware, video management software, and storage. Beyond this initial capital investment, many providers require ongoing licensing fees for use of the associated software. This can rapidly drive up operational costs to the point where the total cost of ownership exceeds your budget or is even more than your initial investment.

Video Management System (VMS) software is required for schools to best manage their surveillance cameras and other integrated technologies including analytics. However, many VMS suppliers require licensing fees for each camera in the system. Additionally, Network Video Recorders (NVR) typically require a server license, while access control systems may require a door license for each controller. These costs can add significant operating costs to your system each year.

A better way: No licensing fees for school security

We do not think that securing our future generations should be compromised due to add-on costs. That is why we offer schools the opportunity to deploy video surveillance with no licensing fees:

  • Every one of our i-PRO and ADVIDIA cameras comes bundled with a Video Insight VMS camera license
  • Our i-PRO NVR solution includes a server license
  • Every one of our access/door controllers is bundled with a MonitorCast license
  • Video Insight integrates with MonitorCast Access Control platform.

This means that not only are you purchasing security hardware, you are also getting the integrated software solution you need – all with no access fees!

Establishing a Secure Campus

Need help determining the best integrated security solution for your school? Our Secure Campus experts will guide you through every step of the process.

Working with our network i-PRO certified integrators, we can provide a security needs assessment based on your specific facility or campus environment.

If you are facing a budget shortfall, our Grants Program specialists can help you find if additional funding is available to augment your budget.

The i-PRO Secure Campus program is designed to partner with you through every step, from the system selection, through the installation and implementation process.

And when it is time for an upgrade, we’ll help you make sure you get the most possible value out of your existing investment.

Get all the benefits i-PRO delivers for education

Your school deserves the best technology, and i-PRO has you covered. Discover our AI-driven products and analytics solutions for schools and campuses. Learn why our cameras deliver superior surveillance system performance. You can have it all with Panasonic i-PRO, including true ownership without any licensing fees.

i-PRO integrated video surveillance and security system solutions for schools include:

Securing the Future

With 60 years of security as our foundation, we look to the future with leading-edge technology to keep your students, staff, and visitors safe and secure.

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