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Thousands of federal, state, and foundation grants are available to educators every year. Funding is available for a huge range of areas from art to literacy, STEM programs and more. Among those, there are numerous grants available to help provide the technology needed to maintain a secure and safe campus or school grounds.

For a busy school or school district, researching and applying for grants is a challenge. It requires time, staffing and expertise in developing grant applications. Without these resources, it can be difficult to successfully meet your goals in obtaining grant funding for school security systems.

That is why we created the i-PRO Grants Support Program for education. Our objective is to provide educational institutions with grants information, customized funding research, and consultation for their security projects. We can help you develop plans for improving security on school grounds, get your current security projects funded, and expand security initiatives that are already in progress.

Our grant proposal support services range from review and consultation with your grant writer to full proposal development if you do not have an expert grant writer on staff. Our i-PRO Grant Consultants will work with you to evaluate your needs, maximize the funding you can obtain, and ensure you get the very best security technology for your budget.

Cooperative Purchasing for Security Systems

Working together, we can consistently provide our customers with the highest level of service and access to our national, competitively solicited purchasing contracts. Educational institutions of all kinds are eligible to participate with a cooperative contract. This includes K-12 school districts, charter schools, universities, private schools, colleges, special education districts, etc.

i-PRO is an awarded vendor for security solutions on several cooperative contracts. We are verified as providing organizations with the best pricing, terms, and conditions available. This helps schools by providing the legally required competition for contracts, saving you the time and cost of going through the competitive bid process.

Once your grant funds have been secured, working with an approved authorized reseller helps expedite your order, since the purchasing requirements have been completed through a competitive solicitation process that mirrors your process and satisfies your competitive bidding requirements.

Becoming a Member of a Cooperative Contract

There is no cost to become a member. Our i-PRO team can assist you with step-by-step instructions to becoming a member on any of our cooperative contracts. Please contact us to get started.

Security Products Available Through Our Cooperative Contracts

At this time, the following i-PRO products can be purchased through our cooperative contracts:

Supporting Education Security at Every Step

Our education security experts will guide you through every step of the process. Working with our certified integrators, we can provide an assessment based on your facility or campus environment. If you are facing a budget shortfall, our experts can help you find funding. Our team will partner with you through the purchase and installation of your solution to ensure your satisfaction. And when it is time for an upgrade, we will help you make sure you get the most possible value out of your existing investment.

Get all the benefits of i-PRO education solutions

Your school deserves the best technology, and i-PRO has you covered. Discover our AI-driven products and analytics solutions for schools and campuses. Learn how our cameras deliver superior surveillance system performance. You can have it all with i-PRO, including true ownership with no annual maintenance fees.

i-PRO integrated video surveillance and security system solutions for schools include:

Securing the Future

With 60 years of security as our foundation, we look to the future with leading-edge technology to keep your students, staff and visitors safe and secure.

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