Public Safety

We provide “Data-driven active forensic search and alert” capabilities to enhance situational awareness for cities and municipalities to support critical decisions following with precise and effective action to keep our community safe and secure.

When you have i-PRO eyes on the street, you have total situational awareness. Our cameras are a force multiplier, allowing you to deploy responder personnel most efficiently. i-PRO devices have advanced AI analytics built in, allowing faster analysis of threats the second they’re detected, to reduce response times, track suspects on foot and in vehicles, and aid in post-incidentNDA investigations as well as enhancing your resource deployment efficiency. i-PRO public safety solutions seamlessly integrate with your current security ecosystem. Just plug in and secure your streets.

Event Initiated Solutions

Though “Event initiated” incidents with large scale crowds are pre-planned well controlled of the variables, events sometimes go very wrong resulting in accidents.

Situational awareness towards “Event initiated” events

Crime Initiated Solutions

Time and place is random. May be one suspect or a group. Suspect may be at large by foot or vehicle (personal/public transport). Immediate and adequate Situational Awareness (SA) is key by quick access to video footage of exact time and scene to verify. The more time it takes for SA, the more time it takes to solve the incident with higher risk of a second potential incident.

  • Active Incident Prevention  Unusual behavior, Abnormal sound, Smoke and Fire, Target black-list vehicle and person  by i-PRO active analytics at the edge
  • Post-incident Quick Search  Quick and Easy forensic search of target person/vehicle by partial eye-witness information collected by wide-range of edge AI-enabled cameras from i-PRO.
  1. 1 AI Occupancy Detection
  2. 2 AI Vehicle Detection
  3. 3 AI People Detection
  4. 4 AI Vehicle Detection
  5. 5 i-PRO Active Guard CloUDE
  6. 6 In-Car Video system
  7. 7 Body Worn Camera

Rcommended Products

i-PRO Endurance 7-year Camera Warranty

Loss of coverage from a camera failure could expose critical infrastructure to physical security threats resulting in unexpected expenses. The new camera warranty provides a 40% increase in coverage, reducing any potential repair or replacement costs. Unlike the 5-year market standard, the i-PRO Endurance 7-Year Camera Warranty2 demonstrates confidence in our superior engineered products, which is crucial when capturing moments of truth.

NDAA compliant

i-PRO cameras and embedded recorders are compliant under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

TAA compliant

Many camera models are available through the GSA Schedule and are Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant. Please contact us for a list of TAA-compliant models.


Square / Park


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Parking lot


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Street / Intersection

Subway hallway

Dual sensor

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Port Authority

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Bullet camera

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

In-Car Video

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i-PRO Active Guard

Data driven forensic search & alert software

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