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Secure Cloud-Based Evidence
Management for Law
Enforcement Agencies


CloUDE Powered by Genetec Cloud-Based Digital Evidence Management System

CloUDE powered by Genetec is a digital evidence management system (DEMS) for law enforcement agencies that stores video evidence and data in the cloud on a secure and scalable open platform.

Evidence management for law enforcement agencies has become more complex as the volume of video evidence being collected and managed continues to grow rapidly. Data comes from a range of different sources and often must be shared with various parties. Managing all of this, while ensuring a clear and verifiable chain of custody, is a monumental task for law enforcement.

i-PRO and Genetec introduced CloUDE to help agencies streamline operations while protecting both the data itself and the privacy of the individuals involved in incidents.

This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with i-PRO’s industry-leading body-worn cameras and in-vehicle camera systems and allows law enforcement agencies to retain complete ownership of all evidence and metadata. Officers and investigators can gather digital evidence from a variety of sources and easily store, manage, review and share it from within a single application. Cases and digital evidence can be shared with different parties and access is controlled through security policies managed in the application. Additionally, audit trails log all user actions to maintain chain of custody and are available for management review at any time.

This versatile DEMS solution allows law enforcement agencies to specify what information they want to store in the cloud and/or on-premises based on their specific policies, needs and budgets. Accessible to agencies of all sizes, CloUDE can effectively reduce the amount of time and money spent on evidence management with complete confidence that all critical data is secure.

CloUDE is an end-to-end DEMS solution that combines with i-PRO body-worn cameras and in-vehicle camera systems to provide a truly comprehensive video and data solution for law enforcement applications.


The benefits of CloUDE include:

  • Grants immediate access to evidence
  • Limits information sharing to authorized individuals
  • Manages all cases and files from a single application
  • Reduces the costs related to copying evidence to DVDs and shared drives
  • Manages files of any size with no restrictions
  • Converts video automatically to a browser-friendly format
  • Eliminates the need to download and install stand-alone video players
  • Preserves user actions in the system’s audit trails
  • Maintains chain of custody for all evidence
  • Reduces the cost and time spent on evidence management