In-Car Video Imaging


Feature Summary:

  • Fast and powerful new VPU
  • MPEG-4 recording eliminates proprietary media devices
  • SSD drive lock and AES/256 encryption ensures evidence security
  • Bluetooth (BLE) and two wireless LAN modules enhance connectivity
  • Seamlessly integrates with i-PRO’s BWC4000 and third-party devices
  • Wider field of view and multiple optical/digital zoom levels provide greater details
  • Consolidated design makes installation easier

ICV4000 In-Car Video System

The new ICV4000 takes in-car video technology into the future with a powerful new video processing unit (VPU4000), wireless networking, new security features and improved image quality.

The new in-car video solution employs MPEG-4 recording, eliminating the need for proprietary media devices, and making it easier to share video and audio content with other applications. By eliminating the conversion processes and workflows associated with proprietary video formats, the ICV4000 provides a more streamlined approach to reviewing and sharing video.

As with all evidence-capture technology, securing the integrity of video and audio data is a top priority. The ICV4000 uses new and improved security features such as SSD drive lock and AES/256 data encryption at rest, which ensure that evidence data is completely secure and cannot be accessed or forcibly removed by unauthorized parties.

With several options for front-end cameras, the ICV4000 offers industry leading 1080p Full HD recording along with a wider field of view and multiple optical/digital zoom levels. This provides users with superior video evidence quality and ensures that every detail is clearly captured, even under challenging conditions.

The ICV4000 incorporates embedded Bluetooth (BLE) and two wireless LAN modules to support seamless integration with i-PRO’s BWC4000. Additionally, the ICV4000 features a consolidated system design that combines multiple system features, which results in reduced vehicle installation time and easier deployment and usability.

Leveraging i-PRO’s extensive experience in professional video recording technology, the ICV4000 system is the ideal choice for virtually every in-car video system application.




Featuring a two-piece design, the BWC4000 is IP67 / MIL-STD-810H rated to provide officers with a more reliable way to capture video and audio evidence in nearly any condition.

  • 12-hour Field-Swappable Battery
  • H.264 / H.265 Video Compression
  • MP4 Video File Format
  • LCD Menu for Tagging
  • 1080p / 720p / 360p Resolution
  • 16:9 & 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • 4 Microphones for Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Compatible with Arbitrator In-Car Video System

4K Panoramic Front Camera


The WV-VCF41P Panoramic Front Camera harnesses the power of an advanced AI processor for AI edge applications.

  • Panoramic 150-degree field of view for full windshield coverage
  • 4K image sensor for Ultra HD image quality
  • Ambarella AI vision processor for AI edge applications
  • Built-in G-force sensor to automatically trigger recording
  • Fully compatible with the WJ-VPU4000


Front View Camera

AS-1 (WV-VC35)

Designed to mount out of the officer’s line of sight, the compact AS-1 captures an 86°, wideangle view of the vehicle’s front in 1080p, high-definition video.

  • Fully compatible with Arbitrator 360 HD
  • Built-in G-Force sensor reduces installation costs
  • Extreme low-light performance – down to .02 lux
  • Single Ethernet cable carries power, signal and control

Front View Camera


The Arbitrator 360°™ HD front camera improves evidence quality with Full HD resolution, excellent color reproduction, low-light performance and a wide, 65-degree field of view.

  • Wide-angle views: horizontal, 65 degrees; vertical 38.4 degrees
  • Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080, up to 30fps with 1/3-inch CMOS sensor
  • Dynamic Tone Curve Compensation (DTCC) for day and night
  • Autofocus zoom with optical 30x. Up to 360X zoom capability with digital 12X

Back Seat Camera


The Back Seat Camera uses a super wide field of view and infrared lighting to eliminate blind spots and capture evidence in any lighting condition.

  • Wide-angle views: horizontal, 150 degrees; vertical, 93 degrees
  • Illumination sensor automatically engages infrared LED in B/W mode
  • Low-light capabilities: 1.5 lx (color), 0.0 lx (B/W, with IR-LED)
  • Auto Wide Dynamic Range to improve high-contrast images

Side Camera


The wide-angle side camera covers 180 degrees, the entire side of the car, to ensure comprehensive capture.

  • Wide-angle views: horizontal, 180 degrees; vertical, 120 degrees
  • Low-light capabilities: 1.5 lx (color), 1.0 lx (B/W) with day and night functions
  • Automatic Wide Dynamic Range for high-contrast images

Wireless Microphone

With improved features, such as a five times greater range and remote device control, the digital wireless microphone increases officer safety outside the vehicle.

  • Frequency bandwidth: 902MHz-928MHz ISM band
  • Improved communication range: 5,000 feet (in open field)
  • 12 hours of talk time
  • Remotely control any connected 12-volt device in the vehicle

Wireless Transmitter

The compatible wireless transmitter ensures audio quality and user awareness.

  • Buttons: REC, MUTE, AUX
  • Detailed tri-level battery power

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