Improve passengers safety and daily productivity of your transportation system

Keeping people safe on buses, trains, subways and at transit hubs is an essential responsibility for both public and private providers. Building on over 60 years of experience as Panasonic, i-PRO is your trusted partner for transportation surveillance cameras. We can help secure the transit facility such as station platforms, transit vestibules and parking lots in addition to our mobile camera solutions that have a proven record in capturing evidentiary level images on vehicles. 
We continue to innovate technologies that capture the highest quality images in the toughest conditions. With onboard AI processors, third party analytics customized for transportation applications can easily scale across a fleet. Our commitment to maintaining an open platform means our cameras can seamlessly integrate within existing systems – saving valuable resources and costs. 
This is the power of partnering with i-PRO.

Securing the Future

  • Capture the desired images clearly and without fail
  • Intelligent cameras quickly detect and notify you of abnormal situations
  • Environment resistance and a wide product lineup for use in various environments and scenarios
  • One-stop provision of management software, controllers, and recorders, etc., in addition to cameras
  • Migrate to advanced IP systems while utilizing existing analog systems and cables, etc.

Recommended Products


For low-ceilinged concourse

Multi-sensor camera

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For long platform/concourse

Dual-sensor camera

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For low-ceilinged concourse

PTZ camera lineup
Auto Tracking

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AI software

For quick search
& response

i-PRO Active Guard

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For Loitering Cross-line
detection at station


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Technology/Common feature

H.265 AI Smart Coding for wireless transmission

Edge AI technology

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For quick IP settings for multiple cameras at one time

Easy IP Kitting

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