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Mt Gambier Prison - Australia

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Security CCTV system major upgrade for Mt Gambier Prison 160 additional beds. Install  a future proofed system for prison expansion requirements in the next 5-7 years.

 Replacing existing cameras  or new install cameras which can be integrated into current VMS with integration to access control system. Utilizing the features from Extreme series to make sure the new system has the reliability, visibility, and lower ongoing cost.

Mt Gambier Prison


i-PRO won 2 rounds of shoot-out in the prison real environment, and i-PRO has best low light performance, also the image stabilization.

Lower ongoing maintenance cost comparing to other cameras, with i-PRO IP cameras lower failure rate also 5 year warranty.

Introduction of smart coding with both H.264 and H.265 to save storage and bandwidth.

Special firmware to support early version of FLIR VMS to integrate with access control system.

Other correctional services facilities in SA during 2019-2020.