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Europe & CIS

Galliker Transport & Logistics uses 500 i-PRO video surveillance cameras throughout the company's 18 branches.

Galliker Transport & Logistics
Europe & CIS
Altishofen, Switzerland
Solution category
  • Logistics
To centrally manage the video surveillance systems across various locations.
Solution (BusinessSolution)
High quality i-PRO surveillance cameras combined with proven Video Management System (VMS) software.


Galliker Transport & Logistics, founded in 1918, is one of the leading logistics service providers in Switzerland, operating internationally across six different countries. The company consists of 18 branches and focuses on the core areas: cargo, food, frigo, healthcare, car and flower logistics. Today, Galliker uses over 400 video surveillance cameras. However, by the end of 2018, this is set to increase to over 500 cameras operating throughout these Galliker estate.

"We are very pleased with the i-PRO video surveillance cameras."

Galliker uses video surveillance primarily as protection for their buildings and goods, as well as for the optimization of work processes. Video cameras also capture access to the grounds and buildings. With the porter being the initial point of contact for incoming suppliers, the video surveillance is used for the allocation of parking lots and ramps. The gates and barriers open automatically for Galliker’s own and pre-registered vehicles when approaching the official site, which is triggered by means of LPR / ANPR (automotive number plate recognition).

All of the cameras record outside of the organization, whilst being centrally managed  in one location based in Switzerland, which saves a lot of network bandwidth and time in IT integration. The entire IT infrastructure and support is managed by the IT department of Galliker. Head of IT, Fredy Feurer comments, "We are very pleased with the i-PRO video surveillance cameras. In recent years, we have acquired a great deal of know-how about these products, but because of the more efficient installation and easier maintenance, only a few camera models are in use."

 "The i-PRO cameras have far exceeded our expectations in terms of image quality."

Galliker has opted for Milestone's VMS (video management system), which allows for easy and fast integration of various camera manufacturers. In 2013, Comtronic Communications, a video surveillance solutions specialist, introduced the first i-PRO cameras with Milestone software to Galliker.

Galliker is very satisfied with the cooperation with Comtronic. Fredy Feurer adds, "The i-PRO cameras have far exceeded our expectations in terms of image quality, which is why we only use i-PRO cameras. In the meantime, 400 cameras are in use and the number will increase to 500 by the end of 2018. The cameras have a long service life and a good price-performance ratio, and the video surveillance solution allowed us to streamline processes and simplify work processes. "