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Wireless camera connection using Wi-Fi USB adapter

Update in March 2023:
Added new models 

This article describes how to wirelessly access i-PRO cameras using a Wi-Fi* USB adapter for angle of view adjustment at installation.  Also, tested tablets, smartphones and Wi-Fi USB adapters are listed on the following each group's page. 
*Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

- Wi-Fi USB adapter can be used only during installation.  Do not use it for normal operation. 
- Read the installation Guide* carefully before camera installation.
  *Download available at Documentation Database.


Applicable models

Click the link (Group#1-3) for the details of Wi-Fi USB adapter setup procedure on each group

Group#1 :
WV-X8570N / WV-S8530N / WV-X8571N / WV-S8531N

Group#2 :
WV-S8543 / WV-S8543G / WV-S8544 / WV-S8544G / WV-S8543L / WV-S8543LG / WV-S8544L / WV-S8544LG / WV-S8563L / WV-S8563LG / WV-S8564L / WV-S8564LG / WV-S8573L / WV-S8573LG / WV-S8574L / WV-S8574LG / WV-S71300-F3 / WV-S85402-V2L / WV-S85402-V2L1 / WV-S85702-F3L / WV-S85702-F3L1 / WV-U85402-V2L / WV-U85402-V2L1

Group#3 :
WV-X5550LT / WV-X5550LTPJ