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City Surveillance

Security cameras are being extensively installed in public spaces in an effort to ensure safety and peace of mind.

There are already many i-PRO cameras and systems in use at strategic points on streets and in transportation facilities.
What is necessary for street surveillance is to be able to record high-visibility video over a long period and also analyze the resulting data.

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Solutions & Applications

We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and that finding the right solution for your needs is an important decision. i-PRO provides an end-to-end security solution.

Public Safety

When you have i-PRO eyes on the street, you have total situational awareness. Our cameras are a force multiplier, allowing you to deploy responder personnel most efficiently. i-PRO devices have advanced AI analytics built in, allowing faster analysis of threats the second they’re detected, to reduce response times, track suspects on foot and in vehicles, and aid in post-incident investigations as well as enhancing your resource deployment efficiency. i-PRO public safety solutions seamlessly integrate with your current security ecosystem. Just plug in and secure your streets.

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Local Government

Our solutions secure the full range of public spaces, from city parks and municipal buildings to courthouses and correctional facilities. Our ultra-durable cameras are unobtrusive, often blending into the surroundings, so citizens can feel safe without feeling watched. Our holding-cell solutions can be configured with shielded zones, to protect the incarcerated from harm while preserving their right to privacy and dignity. And every device has analytics at the edge to drive fast, decisive action.


i-PRO helps you give your citizens the freedom of movement they so deserve. Our systems can deploy across your city’s transportation network, enhancing safety at every touch point, from buses, trains and subways to static locations like platforms, vestibules and parking lots. Our built-in analytics allow you to monitor crowd flows and densities to help you optimize routing, scheduling and facilities design. You’re also able to detect anomalies such as breakdowns or surges, allowing you to avoid transit disruptions.


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