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City Surveillance

i-PRO EXTREME Solutions for City Surveillance

Security cameras are being extensively installed in public spaces in an effort to ensure safety and peace of mind.

There are already many i-PRO cameras and systems in use at strategic points on streets and in transportation facilities.
What is necessary for street surveillance is to be able to record high-visibility video over a long period and also analyze the resulting data.

Recommended Products



For Intersection

Multi-directional + PTZ

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For Intersection / Parking lot

Multi-sensor camera

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40x outdoor PTZ camera

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Aero PTZ

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For seaside / coast security

On-vehicle cam with IP6K9K

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For Police Officer

Body-Worn Camera

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AI software


For quick search
& response

i-PRO Active Guard

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For License Plate

Vaxtor LPR / MMC

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System Integration


For user-friendly video management


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