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Europe & CIS

Nigloland – Theme Park & Hotel
Europe & CIS
Dolancourt, France
Solution category
  • Entertainment
Find a system that would not only increase safety and security but also allow the park to manage visitor movements around the attractions.
Solution (BusinessSolution)
i-PRO provided a solution that fulfilled all the requirements with innovative and reliable cameras, equipped with smart analytics.


30 Years of History...

Over the past 30 years, the Nigloland theme park never stopped expanding, to offer its visitors an ever more magical experience. Open to families, children and thrill seekers, the park welcomes over 600,000 visitors a year.

With eight restaurants and 39 rides, Nigloland innovates every year to add unique experiences to its offering. Amongst its infamous rides, the “Donjon de l’Extrême” is considered to be the highest rotative drop tower in the world.

Being amongst the most visited theme park in France does not only come with advantages, numerous challenges arise, namely how to preserve a friendly and secure environment for all. The success of the park depends on the strong reputation and positive feedback it has received across the years from its rising number of visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on the most recent technology to ensure smooth running of operations, in and around the park.

i-PRO's Experience

This is where i-PRO comes into play. Based on its experience in professional security solutions and expertise acquired through similar projects, i-PRO was chosen by the Nigloland team to equip the site with the latest generation of surveillance cameras. The i-PRO team met with the different stakeholders to get a full understanding of the problem at hand and propose a complete solution that fitted the specific needs of a theme park such as Nigloland.

Some of the challenges the park was facing included:
  - People flow management from car parks to the rides
  - Supervision of strategic locations
  - Safety and security of all visitors as well as their belongings

Thankfully, i-PRO’s embedded camera technologies are perfectly able to fulfil these requirements.


A complete solution

Thanks to the continuous efforts of over 350 staff, Nigloland managed to become the fifth most visited theme park in France. It was even awarded the thrid best European theme park at the 2015-2016 European Star Awards. To fulfil the expectations of hundreds of thousands of customers, the park must work tirelessly to maintain its high profile.

Since 2011, i-PRO Business has worked alongside Nigloland to provide security solutions that work seamlessly in the background. The park choose to embark on a long-term partnership with i-PRO because of its ability to deliver robust, flexible and extremely secure security systems. The quality of products and the excellent reputation of the brand are what pushed Nigloland to invest in i-PRO surveillance systems.

“The i-PRO team was able to provide us with expert advice based on a deep understanding of the park’s needs”

Robust systems

After a first successful trial, the installations have now been upgraded with the newest technology. i-PRO intelligent IP cameras now make up the majority of the park’s surveillance system, keeping an eye on rides and visitors day and night and alerting staff in real-time to any abnormal activity.

The systems are extremely reliable and use the latest available technology to guaranty an exceptional image quality regardless of the circumstance. When interviewed by our team about the partnership between i-PRO Business and Nigloland, Philippe Dinant, Technical Director, said “the offer made by i-PRO met our expectations and provide a good value for money”.

The park has already planned further improvements and investments in terms of security, leading the way for a long term relationship with i-PRO. “The i-PRO team was able to provide us with expert advice based on a deep understanding of the park’s needs” said Nigloland’s Technical Director.