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Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading global provider of video management software founded in 1998 who provides an easy-to-use, powerful VMS that are compatible with a range of IP security devices and systems such as access control, RFID and video analytics. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that have been provenin more than 150,000 sites worldwide.  Read more

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Our joint solution

Milestone XProtect® integration

Milestone XProtect is a video management system (VMS) that can provide smart data. Integration of this and your i-PRO camera will take you to higher level of security experience and surely is an advantage to all kinds of business.

XProtect supported device list


i-PRO Active Guard compatibility

With the combination of i-PRO cameras, deep learning technology, and i-PRO Active Guard, Milestone XProtect gains enhanced AI object detection capabilities.
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i-PRO Maximizer

i-PRO Maximizer provides advanced camera features that are not available as standard functions on XProtect.
Focus, Auto pan, Auto tracking, Image scene file, Privacy mask. Rules configuration enables process automation. Alarm integration expands the selection of i-PRO AI features.
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Fisheye camera Plugin for Milestone X Protect

Plugin for the Fisheye Camera is the software plugin for Milestone XProtect which can operate dewarping the fisheye image of i-PRO Fisheye Camera.
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WV-CU980(Ethernet 3D Joystick System Controller) integration

WV-CU980 Controller is a video control station that lets you view and control cameras and video recorders at local and remote facilities.  The XProtect Input Unit Plug-in for i-PRO WV-CU950 Controller lets you use a i-PRO WV-CU980 Controller to perform tasks in XProtect Smart Client.
i-PRO WV-CU980
WV-CU980 Controller and XProtect Smart Client