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Our joint solution

Security Center integration

We are working in collaboration with Genetec to develop integration for i-PRO cameras to ensure performance and compatibility in Genetec Security Center.

Genetec Security Center supported device list



i-PRO cameras have been engineered to support Stratocast, Genetec’s cloud-based video surveillance service.
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Stratocast settings for i-PRO


i-PRO Active Guard compatibility

i-PRO Active Guard, which can classify all individuals wearing a red tops in a specified time frame to assist with finding a person of interest, is compatible with Security Center by Genetec who is the leading VMS provider in the industry.
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i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec

i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec (hereafter “iCT for Genetec) is a software that is designed to configure settings of i-PRO network cameras using a PC via network. We expect that those who designing systems or managing the networks will benefit by using this smart tool.
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WV-CU980(Ethernet 3D Joystick System Controller) integration

WV-CU980 Controller is a video control station that lets you view and control cameras and video recorders at local and remote facilities. i-PRO WV-CU980 Controller enable uses to perform tasks in Genetec Security Center.
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Firmware Vault

Genetec's Security Center Users can now keep their firmware updated to minimize risks of cyber attacks using outdated firmware.