Last update: June, 2023

AI-VMD alarm configuration on Milestone XProtect

AI-VMD has the following types of detection.
In this example, we will use "Intruder Human" to explain the procedure.

<Setup using "i-PRO Configuration Tool for Milestone">

1. Register the camera to the VMS.

2. Click the [i-PRO Settings] under [MIP plug-ins] - [i-PRO Configuration Tool for Milestone].


3. Click the [Log in] button.
*For Windows authentication (current user), you can log in without entering Username/Password.


4. Select the target device and enter the [Username] and [Password] to access the device.

5. Click the [Start] button.


6. Click gear icon to open camera setup.


7. Detection area setting
Select [Ext. software] - [Application] - [AI-VMD].
Specify the area, set the [Detection object] / [Detection mode], and click the [Set] button.
Each detection area is assigned an area ID based on the color of the [Area Setup].
The area ID is used as the value for [Motion Window] in Step 3 of the <Alarm Setup in Xprotect Management Client>.


8. Detailed setting
Select the [Detail setting] and configure the necessary settings.
*If you want to display the details (object type) when receiving alarm notifications on the VMS side, set [Additional information(Detection object)] to "With information of the detected object(Alarm frame)".
Click the [Set] button after completing the settings.


9. Schedule settings
Select [Ext. software] - [Operation sched.].
Select "AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD)" in the [Extension software] and set the schedule to enable detection.


10. Alarm notification settings
Select  [Notification] - [TCP alarm protocol notification].
Confirm that [TCP alarm protocol notification] is "On", [Notify the detection area number of the motion detection alarm with a unique alarm] is checked and [Destination server address] of [Destination of notification] is set.
This setting is automatically configured when you set an event in Milestone.
Also, the "Destination Port" is assigned a port number by Milestone.


11. Time synchronization
Ensure that the time is synchronized between the camera and Milestone.
Select [Standard] - [Basic] - [Time & data/NTP].
Turn on the "Set the specified time to the camera" radio button to enable "Set PC time to the camera", and click the [Set] button.


<Alarm setup in Xprotect Management Client>

1. Select the target camera device in [Servers] - [Recording Servers] and click [Events].


2. Click the [Add...] button, select an event on the [Select Driver Event] screen, and click the [OK] button. 
In Step 10 of the <Setup using "i-PRO Configuration Tool for Milestone">, if [Notify the detection area number of the motion detection alarm with a unique alarm] is not checked, select an event with "(no area ID)" label attached to it.


3. Set the area ID that was added in Step 7 of the <Setup using "i-PRO Configuration Tool for Milestone"> in the [Motion Window] of the added event.
After confirming the addition, save it by clicking [Save] at the top left of the screen.


4. Click on [Rules and Events] - [Rules] in the [Site Navigation] area.
Then right click on [Rules] in the [Rules] area and select [Add Rule...].


5. The [Manage Rule] screen will appear. Enter a [Name:] and select "Perform an action on <event>" in [Select the rule type you want to create].
Click "event" in [Edit the rule description].


6. The [Select an Event] screen will appear. Select [Devices] - [Configurable Events] - [Intruder Human] and click the [OK] button.


7. Click "device / recording server / management server", and the [Select devices and groups] screen will appear.


8. Click the [Next] button.


9. Click the [Next] button.


10. Select "Make new <log entry>" from [Select action to perform].
Left-click on "log entry" in [Edit the rule description].


11. The [Select a Log Entry] screen will appear. Select "Rule name" and click the [OK] button.


12. Click the [Next] button.


13. Click the [Finish] button.


14. Click on [Alarm] - [Alarm Definitions] in the [Site Navigation] area.
Then right click on [Alarm Definitions] in the [Alarm Definitions] area and select [Add Rule...].


15. After configuring the settings, save them with [Save] at the top left of the screen.
  Enable:Check the checkbox
  Name:Enter the user defined name
  Triggering event:(1st row):"Device event"
  Triggering event:(2nd row):"Intruder Human"
    This setting is shown in the "Message" column of the [Alarm Manager] screen in the [XProtect Smart Client].
  Sources:"All Cameras" or "Select target camera"



<Confirmation of AI-VMD alarm reception in XProtect Smart Client>

1. Start the [XProtect Smart Client] and click the [Connect] button.