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December 18, 2023 - Security Today has announced its 2023 CyberSecured Awards, recognizing products and initiatives that represent the highest level of innovation and brands with a strong commitment to safety and security. The new i-PRO X Series AI camera line was selected from entries across the globe in the Network Surveillance Camera category.

The i-PRO X-Series is a revolutionary new line of cameras that turn non-AI network cameras into AI smart devices. Using AI onsite learning, the new X Series enables users to teach the camera about specific objects they want to monitor. With support for up to nine AI applications, it is the most powerful AI camera to date from i-PRO.

The NDAA compliant cameras support the highest level of cybersecurity with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification, secure boot, and GlobalSign digital certificates. In step with i-PRO’s focus on cybersecurity by design, the X-Series, like all of the company’s AI cameras, utilizes a tamper-proof secure element chip to generate and store cryptographic FIPS algorithms used to authenticate access to the device.

This award is confirmation that our commitment to cybersecurity is critical to the security industry.” said Hiroshi (Huey) Sekiguchi, Chief Marketing Officer, i-PRO. “We’re thankful for the recognition and for these awards that continue to highlight the need for cybersecurity that is in step with innovation.