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New software enables advanced features of i-PRO cameras including AI, auto tracking and camera control on the Milestone XProtect VMS

October 18, 2023 – Today i-PRO announces a new software plug-in, i-PRO Maximizer, that enables advanced features of i-PRO cameras on the Milestone XProtect video management system. Developed by ORBNET Systems, i-PRO Maximizer offers more powerful and flexible functionality with i-PRO cameras on Milestone XProtect. 

Advanced, customizable camera control

With i-PRO Maximizer, users can now access advanced i-PRO camera control features and rules configuration from within XProtect Smart client including

  • Manual/Auto focus
  • Auto pan (start/stop)
  • Auto tracking (start/stop/lock on target and start)
  • Change image scene file
  • Enable/Disable AI Privacy Guard
  • User-defined (custom) CGI events

The ability to enable/disable Privacy Guard is especially useful for uses in the healthcare industry. The Privacy Guard feature automatically applies a mosaic over the face and figure of any person in the field of view of the camera, to protect individual privacy. With the control enabled by i-PRO Maximizer, operators can easily remove the masking function to respond to or investigate an incident and turn it back on as situations dictate.

Alarm integration

i-PRO Maximizer also integrates a host of alarms from i-PRO cameras’ AI functionality that are not standard on XProtect today, including:

  • Occupancy detection for each detection area (from one to eight)
  • Auto tracking alarm for each detection area (from one to eight)
  • Sound detection (gunshot, glass break, vehicle horn, yell)
  • Non-mask detection

Other alarms will be added as they become available.

Eric Bourque, Director and Chief Software Architect at ORBNET Systems LTD, a company that specializes in Milestone XProtect plugins, praised the i-PRO Maximizer as a powerful tool that enhances the performance of the i-PRO cameras. "The i-PRO Maximizer leverages the advanced and useful features of the i-PRO cameras that are not available by default in Milestone XProtect. This way, customers can get the best out of their i-PRO cameras."

i-PRO Maximizer supports Milestone XProtect version 2023R2 or later, and is available today worldwide from the Milestone marketplace. For more information on i-PRO Maximizer visit LINK.