Cameras and PoE injectors compatibility

Update in September, 2023:
Added new models to the "Compatibility" table 

List of Recommended / Tested PoE injectors

Manufacturer PoE Injector Model Number Compliant Status
 i-PRO  WJ-PU201  IEEE802.3af/at/bt  Recommended
 WJ-PU201F  IEEE802.3af/at/bt  Recommended
 MicroSemi  PD-9501GC/AC  IEEE802.3af/at/bt  Tested
 PD-9501GR/AC  IEEE802.3af/at
 Original 60W over 4 pairs
 Vigitron  MaxiiPower Vi22401  IEEE802.3af/at
 Original 60W over 4 pairs


Camera Model Number PoE Injector
Vi22401 PD-9501GR/AC

WV-X86530-Z2, WV-X86530-Z2-1, WV-X86531-Z2, WV-X86531-Z2-1
WV-S66700-Z3, WV-S66700-Z3L, WV-S66600-Z3, WV-S66600-Z3L 
WV-S66300-Z3, WV-S66300-Z3L, WV-S66300-Z4, WV-S66300-Z4L 
WV-X66700-Z3S, WV-X66700-Z3LS, WV-X66600-Z3S, WV-X66600-Z3LS
WV-X66300-Z3S, WV-X66300-Z3LS, WV-X66300-Z4S, WV-X66300-Z4LS

Supported Not Supported Not Supported
WV-S65340-Z4N, WV-S65340-Z4K, WV-S65340-Z4N1,
WV-S65340-Z4, WV-S65340-Z4G
WV-S65340-Z2N, WV-S65340-Z2K, WV-S65340-Z2N1,
WV-S65340-Z2, WV-S65340-Z2G
Supported Work as PoE+ (802.3at) Not Supported
WV-X6531N(S), WV-X6531NH, WV-X6511N
WV-X6533LN(S), WV-X6533LNH, WV-S6532LN(S)
WV-SUD638(-H)(-T), WV-SUD638H, WV-SUD638BH
Supported Supported Supported