Request for upgrading firmware in 2 steps


Upgrading to the firmware requires in 2 steps, as follows for it requires more memory than previous versions.

Applicable models:
WV-SW559, WV-SF549, WV-SF539, WV-SP509, WV-SW558, WV-SF548, WV-SF538, WV-SP508

For the cameras prior to Version 1.30,
upgrade the firmware to one of Ver1.30, Ver1.31 or Ver 1.32 first,
then upgrade to Ver 1.42 (or newer).




In case the camera is led into Safe mode,
upload the firmware in accordance with the menu, which is different from the normal mode.


Safe mode screen on old firmware

 In case the Safe mode screen above is shown, upgrading in 2 steps is required.
Upgrade the firmware to V1.30 or V1.32 first, then upgrade to this version in this case.



Safe mode screen on V1.40 and newer