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Camera Issue date Description
Compatibility list for extension software PDF / Excel PDF / Excel
Last Modified: 2 Feb 2023
Function description for extention software and notes on installing multiple extension software.
Compatible CS mount Lens Last Modified: Jul 2021 CS-mount lenses tested for i-PRO box camera
Verified external microphones PDF
Last Modified: 23 Dec 2022
External microphones recommended / tested for i-PRO camera
SD Memory Card Compatibility PDF
Last Modified: 1 Jul 2022
External storage medias tested for i-PRO camera / encoder.
Cameras and PoE Injectors Compatibility PDF
Last Modified: 16 Dec 2022
Recommended PoE++ Injectors and tested 60W PoE injectors for i-PRO PTZ camera
Tested Wi-Fi USB, tablets and smartphones
when installing camera
Last Modified: 21 Jun 2021 Tested device information and how to install using Wi-Fi
WV-X65F1/S25F1 support cameras PDF
Last Modified: Dec 2022
Applicable model information
Compatible SFP modules for WV-X65F1(-W)/WV-S25F1 PDF
Last Modified: Aug 2022
1000Mbps/ 10Mbps compatible SFP


Recorder Issue date Description
i-PRO Camera / Recorder Compatibility Chart PDF
Modified Date: 16 Dce 2022
Supported streaming, audio, PTZ and VMD between camera and recorder
HDD Compatibility Chart PDF 
Last Modified: 28 Dce  2022
Supported HDDs for each recorder
HDD Compatibility Chart (only for China) PDF
Last Modified: 28 Dce 2022
Supported HDDs for each recorder - China market
Tested peripherals (NAS, USB-SATA adapter) PDF
Last Modified: 2 Feb 2021
- Network Attached Storage (NAS) tested for WJ-NX400
- USB-SATA adapters tested for HDD Viewer


VMS Issue date Description
i-PRO Network Camera Compatibility List PDF
Last Modified: 07 Mar 2022
VMS Compatibility with i-PRO camera 
i-PRO Technology Alliance Program (i-PRO TAP)
SRTP supported client PDF 
Modified: Apr 2021
Client information for SRTP
i-PRO Active Guard_VideoInsight Tested version PDF
Last Modified:  28 Sep 2022
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- Video Insight
i-PRO Active Guard_Genetec_Milestone_ASM300 Tested version PDF 
Last Modified: 2 Feb 2023
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- Genetec
- Milestone
- WV-ASM300.