Camera Issue date Description
Compatibility list for extension software PDF / Excel PDF / Excel
Last Modified: 8 Mar 2024
Function description for extention software and notes on installing multiple extension software.
Compatible CS mount Lens Last Modified: Jul 2021 CS-mount lenses tested for i-PRO box camera
Verified external microphones PDF
Last Modified: 23 Dec 2022
External microphones recommended / tested for i-PRO camera
SD Memory Card Compatibility PDF
Last Modified: 30 Mar 2023
External storage medias tested for i-PRO camera / encoder.
Cameras and PoE Injectors Compatibility Last Modified: 1 Sept 2023 Recommended PoE++ Injectors and tested 60W PoE injectors for i-PRO PTZ camera
Tested switching hubs for IEEE802.1X authentication of Multi-directional+PTZ Camera Last Modified: 15 Feb 2023 Tested switching hub that supports the multi-host mode or multi-supplicant (multi-auth) mode
Tested Wi-Fi USB, tablets and smartphones
when installing camera
Last Modified: 7 Mar 2023 Tested device information and how to install using Wi-Fi
WV-X65F1/S25F1 support cameras PDF
Last Modified: Dec 2022
Applicable model information
Compatible SFP modules for WV-X65F1(-W)/WV-S25F1 PDF
Last Modified: Aug 2022
1000Mbps/ 10Mbps compatible SFP


Recorder Issue date Description
i-PRO Camera / Recorder Compatibility Chart PDF
Modified Date: 09 July 2024
Supported streaming, audio, PTZ and VMD between camera and recorder
HDD Compatibility Chart PDF 
Last Modified: 10 June 2024
Supported HDDs for each recorder
HDD Compatibility Chart (only for China) PDF 
Last Modified: 25 Sept  2023
Supported HDDs for each recorder - China market
Tested peripherals (NAS, USB-SATA adapter) PDF
Last Modified: 2 Feb 2021
- Network Attached Storage (NAS) tested for WJ-NX400
- USB-SATA adapters tested for HDD Viewer


VMS Issue date Description
i-PRO Network Camera Compatibility List PDF
Last Modified: 07 Mar 2022
The update of this document was stopped, and the disclose of the documents will be until Oct. 2023.  Please refer to below link to get the latest VMS support status. Click here
SRTP supported client PDF 
Modified: Apr 2021
Client information for SRTP
i-PRO Active Guard_VideoInsight Tested version PDF
Last Modified: 3 July 2024
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- Video Insight
i-PRO Active Guard_Genetec_Tested version PDF 
Last Modified: 22 Mar 2024
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- Genetec.
i-PRO Active Guard_Milestone Tested version PDF 
Last Modified: 3 July 2024
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- Milestone
i-PRO Active Guard_ASM300 Tested version PDF 
Last Modified: 27 Feb 2024
Tested version combinations with i-PRO Active Guard
- WV-ASM300