S-Series Cameras

The new i-PRO S-series surveillance cameras represent a quantum leap in performance. They deliver the ideal combination of superior imaging technology, advanced camera analytics, video management system (VMS) integration and cost efficiency for numerous applications across virtually every vertical market.

The artificial intelligence (AI) processing embedded in our premium cameras is now available in our flagship line of mid-range cameras, the S-series. The new i-PRO S-series features a built-in AI processor that transforms these advanced surveillance cameras into edge-computing devices, allowing a variety of applications to run simultaneously. Users can select and install the third-party analytics and applications they need without relying on a cloud- or server-based connection. This enables the new i-PRO S-series cameras to meet the requirements where “decisions” have to be made, at the edge.

In addition to enabling advanced analytics at the edge, the AI processor found in the new i-PRO S-series cameras provides stronger H.265 coding efficiency and image processing optimization to help conserve valuable bandwidth and recording storage space. It also has stronger image processing optimization to adapt to the dynamic changing scene environment, such as a backlit daytime area, low-lit room, or night vision. By optimizing image settings, including shutter speed, auto exposure and gamma correction, the new S-series produces a clearer image with less noise to help identify people and objects in low-light conditions.

The new i-PRO S-series cameras also feature sound classification analytics when used with an external mic to set alarms for specific sounds, such as gunshots, screaming, vehicle horns or glass breaking. The added dimension of sound further increases situational awareness beyond the visible viewing area of these intelligent edge solutions.

The new i-PRO S-series is also compatible with i-PRO’s multi-AI system, providing an easy-to-use search function to quickly find specific people or vehicles through i-PRO’s Video Insight (VI) and Genetec VMS platforms. This powerful search feature eliminates the need to log into each camera separately to search for events and objects, increasing response times and enhancing overall safety and security.

Currently available in three models, indoor dome, indoor vandal dome and indoor box, the new i-PRO S-series cameras come bundled with AI software analytics, a five-year warranty and a Video Insight VMS camera license. The new i-PRO S-series cameras are also fully compatible with existing S-series mounts and brackets.

With premium features now available on our most popular cameras, the new i-PRO S-series is setting the standard in surveillance cameras.

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