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Many organizations are discovering that the traditional security guard model does not always deliver the optimal security solution. A guard cannot be everywhere all the time and adding more personnel can quickly become cost prohibitive. Even with a fleet of security officers on site, a business owner cannot be sure that they are fully protecting the premises.

In a time of shrinking budgets, professional video monitoring can be a cost-effective way to replace guards. However, organizations need to be sure that they are deploying best-in-class technology for both the video platform and the security monitoring.

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions has partnered with Centralized Vision, an industry leader in property and asset protection through centralized surveillance, to offer i-PRO’s Remote Guard powered by Centralized Vision. With Remote Guard, businesses can have highly trained security professionals monitoring their property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Remote Guard helps reduce the cost of security guard services by moving the monitoring to a centralized location. Businesses with multiple locations see an even greater benefit, since they no longer need to support the cost of multiple security guards at multiple facilities.

Additionally, users have the advantages delivered by i-PRO’s progressive AI technology built into reliable hardware and backed by a five-year warranty. This provides an ideal solution for businesses by combining i-PRO’s best-in-class imaging solutions and video platforms with Centralized Vision’s cutting-edge live safety and security monitoring.