What are the current problems ?

 Loss prevention

- Shoplifting
- Unauthorized operation of self-checkout
- Burglary
- Pranks and tampering of products
- Damage to or destruction of store equipment
- Customer complaints such as trouble with change
- Work attitude of employees (ignoring work rules, slacking off)
- Parking lot trouble (car contact, theft, intrusion by suspicious individuals)
- Graffiti during night hours and on outer walls, etc.



Store management

- Multiple stores are not centrally managed
- Variation in employee quality and service across stores
- Time and costs incurred in patrolling multiple stores
- Sales opportunities lost due to lack of understanding regarding customer segments and trends


 Existing analog equipment

- Poor camera quality, meaning the situation cannot be accurately determined
- Narrow angle of view, and many blind spots even when a large number of cameras are installed
- Information other than images cannot be obtained
- Problems cannot be detected unless the video is constantly watched


          »»Reduce shoplifting damages by monitoring without blind spots»»Face recognition, matching, and searching to detect repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals
          »»High resolution data to perform detailed checks for detecting problems
          »»Multi-site (multiple store) monitoring with a network
          »»Product lineup for both indoor and outdoor installation
          »»One-stop solutions including cameras, recorders, and management software
          »»Automatic analysis of customer segments (age, gender)
          »»Provide customer flow and heat map information
          »»Provide information on customer segment changes by time of day





Information such as faces, clothing, and entry times of customers needs to be accurately identified at the store entrance.
When damage such as shoplifting is confirmed at a later time, a variety of information related to the criminal can be obtained from the video captured at the entrance. The face information of customers can also be used to immediately detect the entry of repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals to prevent damage in advance by enhancing the store security system.

- Providing Smooth Images with a High Image Quality

i-PRO SmartHD series network cameras can capture high resolution images. They can clearly depict people’s faces and clothing (colors).
Movements can be captured at a maximum rate of 60 frames per second(some models) to ensure quick movements are not missed, and enable playback of smooth video.


- Clearly Capturing Images in Locations with a Large Difference in Illumination

In installation environments with differences in brightness, the Super Dynamic (SD) function brightens dim areas with low visibility and reduces the brightness of areas where blown-out highlights can occur due to over-brightness, providing a natural image that is easy to view. In shop entrances, this enables the capturing of sharp images of people’s faces as they enter from the outside when exposed to direct sunlight. With the Super Dynamic (SD) function, the camera can be installed without worrying about lighting conditions that vary based on the time of day and season.


- Face Matching*

Specific faces can be registered in advance to send an alarm when they are detected. The faces of repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals,etc. can be registered in the system from data recorded in the past.
Information can also be shared between stores by importing generic photo data in the JPEG format, etc. Alarms can notify the operator by displaying pop-ups on the screen, emitting warning sounds, or flashing the camera on the map, etc.
* i-PRO management software and a face recognition system are required in addition to a network camera.



- Face Search*

Face images can be used to perform searches.
For example, face images of suspicious people detected on the sales floor can be searched to track information on a timeline, including what time they entered the store and which sales floor they passed. Whether suspicious people have shoplifted, etc. after entering the store can also be immediately searched for and checked.
* i-PRO management software and a face recognition system are required in addition to a network camera.





Sales Floor

Sales floors require a wide range of monitoring without blind spots.
Shoplifting needs to be able to be viewed from any position of the sales floor and have video evidence recorded.
Tampering of products also needs to be immediately discovered to ensure the safety of products and customers.
Products missing from shelves can also be checked from camera video to enable products to be accurately restocked to prevent lost sales.

- 360-degree Monitoring without Blind Spots

The 360-degree Network Camera can capture images around the camera lens in all directions.
Available modes include Fisheye, Double Panorama, Panorama,Quad PTZ, and 4 Stream, and the camera can output video images based on the selected video mode for reduced loads on the viewing system.


 - PTZ Camera for Wide Range Monitoring and a High Zoom Ratio

Normal fixed lens cameras can only monitor in a certain direction, but the lens of a PTZ camera can be operated remotely to switch to the direction you want to view.
Detailed areas can also be zoomed in. Since the cameras can be infinitely rotated 360-degree at a high speed of 300 degrees/sec, you will not miss the subjects you want to monitor.



- Preset Position / Preset Sequences

If the locations you want to monitor are fixed, you can register them in advance and move to them with a single touch or automatically patrol the registered locations. Data can be saved to a recorder when automatically patrolling the registered locations, without intervention by an operator.
Ranges that cannot be covered with a single fixed lens camera can be covered by patrolling.



- Auto tracking

The pan, tilt, and zoom functions can be combined for automatically tracking the movement of a subject.
If the tracked subject moves out of the camera’s shootable range, notification is sent to other cameras so that the tracking process can be carried on without interruption.



Problems may occur at cash registers because employees and customers exchange cash and credit cards.
By recording clear video and audio evidence of these interactions, the cause of problems can be identified to implement countermeasures.
Unauthorized use of cash registers can also be captured with certainty and checked via the recorded video.
Installing cameras also deters crime.

- Able to Identify Even Types of Banknotes

i-PRO SmartHD series network cameras can capture high resolution images.
A camera installed above a cash register enables not only the interaction between employees and customers to be checked, but even the type of banknotes to be identified. If a problem occurs at a register, the image evidence can be checked the accurately understand and resolve the situation.


 - Monitoring a Wide Area and Playing Back Audio for a Specific Area

With a combination of a 360-degree Network Microphone and a 360-degree Network Camera, the audio of a specific location in the video can be heard by itself.
For example, a single 360-degree Network Microphone with 360-degree Network Camera can be installed above multiple cash registers, enabling the separate conversations at each register to be heard in detail.
This enables the cause to be immediately identified when a problem occurs and check whether the employee is dealing with the customer appropriately



In backyard locations, people other than store personnel, such as distributors, move in and out of the store outside business hours. It is necessary to accurately monitor the movements of people and objects.
The camera can automatically adjust its brightness with flexibility whether the lights are on or off, to provide the optimal image for the current conditions.

- Strong Low Light Performance in Color

Even in dark locations, color images with low noise can be reproduced to clearly view the movement of people. This is effective for not only backyard locations, but also sales floors, etc. after the store has closed.

- Day / Night Automatic Mode Switching

In locations where it is bright during the day but dark at night, the camera can automatically determine the brightness of the area and record video under the optimum conditions.
During nighttime hours, the camera automatically switches to black-andwhite video for providing footage with high visibility.

- Monitoring Locations Such as Long Corridors

Provide clear images of corridors and narrow and long locations (such as product warehouses or storage rooms) with the focus adjusted for both the close area and the far area.

- Wide Coverage & Low Distortion

Backyards feature locations with low ceilings and little space between the wall and the objects to capture, which cannot be fully covered with regular cameras. The i-PRO SmartHD lineup features compact models that exceed a maximum angle of view of 100 degrees. They provide natural images with little distortion even when capturing a wide angle.


Parking Lots

Many stores have an adjacent parking lot and it is necessary to obtain information relating to trouble that occurs in it.
Situations such as car crashes, pedestrian accidents, and non-customer cars parking for extended periods of time can be checked at any time via the captured video. Suspicious persons can be detected before they enter the store when they are in the parking lot or in the vicinity, to send notifications and the parking lot video can be checked to obtain information on the car of a shoplifter (vehicle type, model, color, number plate) and the direction it traveled.


- High Resolution/Wide Range 4K Camera

A single 4K camera can capture video of a wide area such as a parking lot. A part of the image can be zoomed in as necessary to check an area in detail.
A 4K camera has 27 times the resolution of an analog (VGA) camera, 9 times that of an HD (1,280 x 720) camera, and 4 times that of a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) camera.


- Cropping function

Specific areas can be selected from the entire image to cut out.
This enables monitoring to be focused on a specific area such as the entrance or corridor of a parking lot, while viewing the entire image.


Select the Specialized Model for Your Installation Environment

- Rainwater protection for outdoor installations

The outdoor models have a weatherproof and dustproof structure that is rated IP66 for outdoor installation without requiring insertion in a special housing or other weatherproofing protection.

- Temperature protection for outdoor installations

Models can be selected to match your specific installation conditions and can be installed in environments with temperatures ranging from +55°C to -50°C.
* The supported temperature range varies depending on the specific model.