The New Standard AI S-series

Compact AI network camera beyond security

A stylish compact AI network camera that is blending seamlessly into any surrounding and providing insights beyond security.

i-PRO mini is compact camera that is blending seamlessly into any surrounding where you don’t want the security cameras to be stand out. Equipped with an AI processor inside the camera to provide insights to solve a variety of problems. Extendable to marketing functions with third party AI apps. You can easily connect to the camera with a smartphone to check the image and setting and receive notification automatically in case installed camera angle is changed so that troubles can be solved early.

  1. Blends in seamlessly with environment
  2. AI Analytics and Marketing function
    On-board AI function with deep learning AI processor
  3. Easy installation /angle setting


Indoor Model


  • 2MP
  • Intelligent Auto/AI engine
  • Smart Coding/AI Engine
  • Direction change detection

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1. Blends in seamlessly with environment


2.AI analytics

AI analytical applications capability

Equipped with AI engine inside the camera for deep learning AI processing on the edge side.Up to 3 AI apps can be operated at the same time.


Available AI Applications:
AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD) / AI Privacy Guard / AI People Detection / AI Vehicle Detection
AI Face Detection / AI Non-Mas detection / AI Occupancy Detection / AI People/Vehicle Account


People detection
Occupancy Detection
Ai privacy Guard



Find more about AI Analytics

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Open platform
Ready for third party AI applications

i-PRO Camera Application Platform is a program where unique applications developed by application partners can be installed in i-PRO network cameras.Application partners can develop and distribute applications in an open environment. Learn more…



3. Easy installation /angle setting

Images can be checked with a smartphone.


LED light and Smartphone tells you when the angle changed from the original position.