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Media Markt backs video surveillance of the future - Spain

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Media Markt stores install i-PRO 4K Surveillance Technology.


In line with this innovative spirit: the company explored the market in search of a 4K security system that would offer the greatest benefits and technological sophistication in the market. After carrying out tests and comparisons, Media Markt can now boast it has the most cutting-edge video surveillance system currently available on the market.

It is a system that, with the help of Vida IP as a distributor and integrator, has managed to make the most of the True 4K cameras from i-PRO and Wavestore recorders.

"On a technological level, it is a pioneering partnership, a winning combination that we have led from Vida IP to best respond to all of Media Markt's needs", explains David Rajas from Vida IP.

The aim of Media Markt was to optimise resources in its stores whilst employing the latest generation of 4K technology, two areas in which i-PRO's solution proved to be ideal. The i-PRO 4K 360⁰ camera can cover about 90% of the total store surface area, something impossible to do with a standard resolution camera.

The decision to opt for the 4K camera from i-PRO was made based on two main arguments. Firstly, the quality of the camera and secondly, its overhead configuration, which enables it to be located at the centre of the store where it can capture everything that happens in the area and identify faces seamlessly.

"The upgrade to 4K systems enables a 30 to 40% reduction in the number of units needed to cover the same perimeter whilst retaining a very high image quality", explains Juan Cabrera, PSCEU Sales Executive at PIB. 

In the case of Media Markt, it has gone from needing around 60 cameras per store to needing about 40. These are fixed cameras that record in 360⁰ but have a dewarping option to ensure image clarity.

Although the image recorded is an overhead 360⁰ image, the camera operator can intervene to see the desired angle within this 360⁰ view. In practice, it is a camera that uses and offers the same points of view as a multi-camera system, all in 4K quality.

"Our goal is to have the most powerful security system in the market, and we think that we have certainly achieved this.”

Wavestore's previous experience of working with Media Markt was decisive in it being the third part of the project team: "Our recorders already have a great track record at the company, having demonstrated that we are exactly what the client needs", confirms Milton Acosta from Wavestore.

The result of the joint efforts of Vida IP, i-PRO and Wavestore is a new standard in security systems for Media Markt's stores and warehouses in Spain. This has already been installed in four of the company's store and there are plans in place to extend to the entire national network.

"Our goal is for our entire commercial network in Spain to have the most powerful and highest quality security system in the market, and we think that we have certainly achieved this,” says David Fernandez, Head of Security at Media Markt. “Over the coming months, we will be working to bring this technology to each and every one of our stores."

The 4K system from i-PRO

The dome camera selected for the Media Markt project was the WV-SFN480 with fisheye lens, a device that provides quality and resolution in ultrahigh definition (UHD) both in the centre and in the corners of the image. 

Ideal for a large number of applications, whether in commercial stores, at intersections, or in airports, railway stations and warehouses, this new device is also perfect for situations where a large number of cameras were traditionally required to cover the entire surveillance area with high image quality, as in the case of Media Markt.

Moreover, the 4K 360⁰ i-PRO cameras selected have an integrated image compensation function that is able to provide a wide variety of transmission modes: Fisheye, Panorama, Double Panorama, Quad PTZ, Single PTA and Quad streams.

In addition, the cameras offer intelligent functions (business intelligence) like heat mapping for detecting zones of high people traffic and long-stay zones. The cameras also allow people counting using up to 12 ‘cross lines’, and even moving object remover - a unique function which makes it possible to remove the moving objects within an images, providing privacy while simultaneously maintaining monitoring of the background of the image.

The WV-SFN480 is also capable of providing 9-megapixel images at up to 15 fps and 4-megapixel images at up to 30 fps, whilst the day/night function with digital noise reduction and the 3D-DNR system offer clear images in low light conditions.

Finally, virtual PTZ operation allows the user to record the entire area or, if desired, they can focus on a smaller area at the same time, so that no detail is lost.