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Linfox Armaguard - Australia

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CCTV upgrade which will see All Armaguard Facilities on VI and i-PRO Cameras. 45 Sites Plus two Control Rooms Future Mobile Solution of possible 600 Trucks.

1500 Body ware cameras to be added to complete solution.


 Linfox Armaguard used i-PRO analogue Cards and started to test our IP Cameras Range Extreme series and VI.  Finally they accepted i-PRO VI solution with extreme Camera and we started to roll out VI  over 40 sites.

H.265 played a big role with the reduction in data storage and bandwidth reduction.
VI played a big role in that it is an open platform and we could use 3rd party cameras that was already in installed. Picture quality was superior.
Next Phase: 
Mobile solution for 600 Trucks with about 1500 Body ware Cameras.
Ongoing installation of VI into Armaguard sites