Last update: June, 2023

AI-VMD alarm configuration on Genetec Security Center

<Camera Settings>

 1. Register the camera to VMS.

 2. Open Genetec's i-PRO Configuration Tool.
Select [Config Tool] - [Task] - [i-PRO Configuration Tool for Genetec] - [ i-PRO Settings]
*i-PRO Configuration Tool Plugin for Genetec must be installed in advance.

AI-VMD setting of iCT for Genetec

 3. Click the [Log in] button.
*Log in with the Username/Password you used when you logged in to the Security Center.

Login dialog of iCT for Genetec

 4. Select the target device and enter the [Username] and [Password] to access the device.

 5. Click the [Start] button.

detection dialog of iCT for Genetec


 6. Click gear icon to open camera setup.

Select menu of iCT for Genetec


 7. Detection area setting
Select [Ext. software] - [Application] - [AI-VMD].
Specify the area, set the [Detection object] / [Detection mode], and click the [Set] button.
Each detection area is assigned an area ID based on the color of the [Area Setup].

AI-VMD Detection area setting of iCT for Genetec

8. Detailed setting
Select [Detail setting] and configure the necessary settings.
*If you want to display the details (object type) when receiving alarm notifications on the VMS side, set [Additional information(Detection object)] to "With information of the detected object(Alarm frame)".
Click the [Set] button after completing the settings.

AI-VMD detail setting of iCT for Genetec

9. Schedule settings
Select [Ext. software] - [Operation sched.].
Select "AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD)" in the [Extension software] and set the schedule to enable detection.

AI-VMD Schedule setting of iCT for Genetec

10. Alarm notification settings
Select [Notification] - [TCP alarm protocol notification].
Confirm that [TCP alarm protocol notification] is "On", [Notify the detection area number of the motion detection alarm with a unique alarm] is checked, and [Destination server address] of [Destination of notification] is set.
*This setting is automatically set When the camera is registered with VMS.

AI-VMD detail setting of iCT for Genetec

11. Time synchronization
Ensure that the time is synchronized between the camera and Genetec.
Select [Standard] - [Basic] - [Time & data/NTP].
Turn on the "Set the specified time to the camera" radio button to enable "Set PC time to the camera", and click the [Set] button.

Timesync of iCT for Genetec


<VMS settings>

To view the received alarm (event) history, go to [Security desk] - [Tasks] - [Monitoring]. Click [Add] in [Monitoring] at the bottom left of the screen to add the target camera, and the received alarm (event) history will be displayed.

Event History on Security Desk

   The message format of the received AI-VMD Alarm area information displayed in the Description can be changed from Bit representation to ASCII representation. 

Event History on Security Desk

     To change it to ASCII representation, send a CGI command to the camera.

cgi table AIVMD alarm msg format

*Ensure that ”ALARM_AREA_FORMAT, "ascii"” is displayed in "cgi-bin/getdata?"

【Support models】
・AI cameras(Dome Network Camera with AI engine, Box Network Camera with AI engine, AI fisheye ,AI-PTZ, AI-Multi directional, High Resolution with AI engine, i-PRO mini)
:Supported starting from February 2023 VUP Ver2.30


The following are the two pattern setting procedures described:
・A. Event recording during continuous recording.
・B. Event recording only.

A. Event recording during continuous recording.
A-1. Go to [Config Tool] - [Video] - [Camera] - [Recording] - [Custom settings] - [Recording modes] and select "Continuous".

A-2. Set  [Video] - [Stream usage] - [Recording] to "ON".
The recording stream will reflect the [Video quality] setting where [Recording] is set to "ON" in [Video] - [Use Stream].

   If "Boost quality on event recording (On): ON" is set, but event recording is not reflected, then the event recording is performed with the video quality recording setting.

A-3. Click the [Add an item] button in [Config Tool] - [Tasks] - [System] - [General settings] - [Actions Screen] and configure the [Event-to-action] settings.

Event-to-action settings: (Example: Intruder detection)
When:Object detected in field
From:Target Camera
Action:Start recording
Camera:Target Camera

 B. Event recording only.
B-1. Open [Config Tool] - [Tasks] - [System] - [General settings].

 B-2. Select an [actions] and click [Add an item] to open the [Event to Action] screen.
Configure the event action of AI-VMD in [Event-to-action]. Select and set from the list box for each item.
The settings for "Loitering" are shown in the figure below.
*AI-VMD detection area number information cannot be determined from VMS (Security Desk DP 10.6).

B-3. Select the target camera, and go to [Video] - [Recording].
  For the recording mode, select ”On motion / Manual”.

5. Configure as necessary.
・Time to record before an event:Pre recording time.(0 to 300 sec.)
・Default manual recording length:Post recording time.(1 to 1440 min.)
*The setting for "Time to record after a motion" is not necessary as it is not reflected in this operation.

B-4. The stream used for recording will reflect the [Video quality] setting when [Video] - [Stream Usage] - [Recording] is set to "ON".

*If "Boost quality on event recording (On): ON" is set, the settings will be reflected.


Genetec Security Center 5.11 / Driver Pack 11.3