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How to play back mp4 video downloaded
from i-PRO recorder on iOS

 July 2023


Unable to play back an mp4 video downloaded from i-PRO recorder using i-PRO Mobile App, on iOS.

Applicable i-PRO recorders and version:

  1. WJ-NX100/NX200/NX300/NX400 - All versions
  2. WJ-NU101/NU201/NU300/NU301 - Version 1.00 to 1.10 (This issue has been fixed in version 1.20)


  1. WJ-NX100/NX200/NX300/NX400 - Use WMDPlayer or VLC
  2. WJ-NU101/NU201/NU300/NU301 - Upgrade firmware to version 1.20 or later / Use WMDPlayer or VLC


  • We do not guarantee the playback performance on those applications.
  • We shall not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused by using those applications.
  • Contact the application manufacturer for the specification and issues of each application.

How to play back mp4 video:


    1. Start WMDPlayer


    2. Select "Menu" and tap "Load video from photo app"


    3. Select the downloaded mp4 file and tap "Add"


    4. Select "Media" to display the added file.


    5. Tap the file to play back




    Before you start:
    As VLC cannot access "Photos" on iOS, follow the steps below to copy the mp4 file to VLC folder, and then play back the mp4 file on iOS.

    1. Tap "Photos"


    2. Select the mp4 file to be copied and tap "Share" button


    3. Select " Save to Files"


    4. Select "On My iPhone"


    5. Select VLC and tap "Save"


    6. Start VLC and select "Local files" from the "Network" menu.


    7. Select "On My iPhone"


    8. Select "VLC" folder


    9. Select the mp4 file copied in Step1-5


    10. VLC starts playing back the video