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Striped pattern (moiré) phenomenon when reducing the screen size

Last update: September, 2018

Stripe (moiré) phenomenon may appear as below when shrinking in browsers or when displaying with reduced resolution display.



An interference fringe caused by a difference in the size (resolution) of the captured image and the display screen. 
It is not a malfunction of the camera because it is generated in principle by interference.


- Can be reduced by changing the size of the display screen or the shooting angle of view (zoom ratio / camera direction).

- Can be reduced by reducing "aperture level (contour correction)" in the camera setting.
  Note: Resolution will decrease.


How to resize the display screen:

1. Grab the "corner" of the window with the mouse, left click and hold the button, then change size slightly and release.

2. Click the update button to update the information.


If moiré is not reduced, repeat steps 1 and 2 to change the size of the window.