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Troubleshooting Information for AI Analytics Applications

September, 2022: Revised to be applicable to all i-PRO Network Camera with AI engine  

This article provides the troubleshooting information for the operation of below additional applications on i-PRO Network Camera with AI engine.
 - AI-VMD (WV-XAE200W)
 - AI Privacy Guard (WV-XAE201W)

We recommend installing cameras after the on-site verification as the detection accuracy depends highly on the installation condition, when using those applications.
Note that AI Model Training will not be performed after the installation as those applications include the results of AI Model Training.

The below table describes the issues, the possible causes and the corresponding methods when operating AI-VMD(WV-XAE200W) and AI Privacy Guard(WV-XAE201W).

No Application Issue Possible cause Corresponding method
1   The detection accuracy has decreased from the one at the installation Installation environment such as the height and the distance from the camera to the subject are out of specifications Re-evaluate the installation environment referring to the Operating Instructions of application software
-> Items to check: the position of light source, significant increase in the number of people on the image and the change in the sunshine condition.
Re-evaluate the settings in the camera (or the application) 
-> Items to check: detection areas, mask areas and the depth setting
Perform the image quality setting on each camera
2   False positive alarm and true negative alarm occur • The difference in brightness between the background and the moving object is small Eliminate the causes described on the left
The object is too small or too large
Outside light such as sunlight and headlights come in the shooting area
The camera is shaking
The weather is extremely bad
Reflected light from a puddle or glass come into the shooting area
Flags or vinyl and so forth are fluttering in the wind
Insects and animals come into the shooting area
3   Does not perform Blurring or Block processing configured at the installation The target object is out of focus Eliminate the causes described on the left
The target object is blurred
The target object is overexposed or underexposed
The target object is lying down or felled

-> Contact your installation contractor or distributor for further detail.