i-PRO SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) can manage devices such as cameras and recorders.

MIB File


Camera (i-PRO MIB) New!


Recorder (i-PRO MIB) New!



SNMP MIB for i-PRO Network cameras(i-PRO MIB) New!

(i-PRO EXTREME Series* and WV-SUD638)

SNMP MIB for i-PRO Recorders (i-PRO MIB) New!


WJ-ND400 MIB Specification


WJ-ND300 MIB Specification


WJ-ND200 MIB Specification


WJ-NV200 MIB Specification




*  "WV-S + 4 digit number" model  number and "WV-X + 4 digit number" model number