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Smart Coding

i-PRO offers the cameras which have Smart Coding function.
You can find the camera which you are interested from i-PRO Cameras which have Smart Coding function in this page.

What's Smart Coding Technology?



i-PRO network cameras and network disk recorders are designed for seamless compatibility with your network and for reduced loads when connected to the network.

Encoding Load Reduction

- GoP (Group of pictures) control
H.264 codec is comprised of I-Frame, which records all video information, and other frames that depict the difference. Although information encoded at regular intervals with I-Frame is necessary, collecting all the data will increase the size of the data file. While maintaining smooth, high quality video, Smart Coding reduces the size of the file by cropping the motionless I-frame scenes. Reducing the size of the data file extends the recording duration and reduces the load on the network.

- Auto-VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area)
Auto-VIQS finds moving area automatically and reduces image quality of less motion area to save bandwidth.
Auto-VIQS learns and defines moving area then control as below;
 -Keep original image quality at the moving area.
 -Compress the stationary area (except the moving area), and reduce data size.
Auto-VIQS always checks a moving area, and  compress the stationary area automatically.

Noise Reduction

- FDF (Frequency Divided Filter)
Removing fine noise generated under low illumination to achieve a low bit rate.

- 3D-MNR (3D-Multi-process Noise Reduction)
Removing grain noise generated under low illumination to achieve a low bit rate.


Smart coding technology reduces the bitrate of a video stream to achieve lower bandwidth consumption and smaller file sizes. The GOP function ensures that the I-flame of image data is not created in static areas. The VIQS feature of smart coding pairs with the GOP function to ensure that areas of movement are recorded normally, but any image of static areas is highly compressed to deliver a 70%* decrease in bandwidth. The FDF (Frequency divided filter) function works in conjunction with the 3D-MNR to greatly reduce noise in areas of low illumination, contributing to the low bitrate of a stream. Through i-PRO's Smart Coding technology, you can also expect a reduction of data storage needs by up to 70%*. The extremely large reduction in both bandwidth and file size provided by Smart Coding promises to minimise the cost of operating a high spec security system whilst maintaining fantastic quality.