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How to connect a Wi-Fi USB adapter - Camera group#2

Applicable models

Multi-sensor camera:
WV-S8543 / WV-S8543G / WV-S8544 / WV-S8544G / WV-S8543L / WV-S8543LG / WV-S8544L / WV-S8544LG / WV-S8563L / WV-S8563LG / WV-S8564L / WV-S8564LG / WV-S8573L / WV-S8573LG / WV-S8574L / WV-S8574LG

i-PRO mini:



  1. Preparation
  2. Notes on tablet and smartphone use
  3. Configuration procedure
  4. Tested Wi-Fi USB adapter
  5. Tested tablet terminals and smartphones
  6. Troubleshooting


1. Preparation


2. Notes on tablet and smartphone use

2-1. Web browser

  • Recommended browser - Google Chrome. *Download available at [Apple store] or [Google play].
  • Tip when installing multiple cameras - Bookmark the camera IP address on the browser before accessing the camera. 

2-2. Wi-Fi connection

  • Place the tablet or smartphone within 10 meters from the camera.
  • A Wi-Fi connection can be affected by the weather and installation condition.  Check the signal strength with Wi-Fi icon on your tablet or smartphone before accessing the camera.


3. Configuration procedure

For the details on camera installation procedure, refer to Installation Guide*. 
*Download available at Documentation Database.

3-1. Install the camera and turn on the power.  Then, attach a Wi-Fi USB adapter to the camera body.

Multi-sensor camera


i-PRO mini


3-2. Enable Wi-Fi connection on the tablet or smartphone, and enter the following SSID and Password to connect with the Wi-Fi USB adapter.

  • SSID: "product number_serial number"  (e.g. WV-X8570N_VAxxxxxx) 
  • Password: "cam _serial number" (e.g. cam_VAxxxxxx)


3-3. Open a Google Chrome browser on the tablet or smartphone, and access on the browser.

  • Try when the above access fails.


3-4. Confirm that the initial setting screen is displayed on the browser as follows.



4. Tested Wi-Fi USB adapter

Manufacture name Model number Remarks
TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd TL-WN823N V2  
TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd Archer T3U  
Netgear AC600  

The guaranteed operating temperature range of Wi-Fi USB adapter: 
The guaranteed temperature range of Wi-Fi USB adapter is 0˚C to 40˚C (32˚F to 104˚F).  If you use Wi-Fi USB adapter outside this guaranteed range, Wi-Fi connection may fail or the camera image may not be displayed wirelessly. In this case, use a LAN cable to access the camera as is the case in normal operation.


5. Tested tablets and smartphones

We verified the wireless connection between the following tablets / smartphones and applicable i-PRO cameras under our test environment.  Note that performance may differ depending on your PC or OS environment. (As of September, 2021)

Manufacture name Product name Model number OS version
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max MGCV3J/A iOS14.6
Apple iPhone 12 Mini MGA63J/A iOS 14.2
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MGM63J/A iOS 14.4
Apple iPhone 12 MGHT3J/A iOS 14.5.1
Apple iPhone SE (2nd Generation) MX9U2J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPhone 11 Pro MWC62J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPhone XS MTAY2J/A iOS12.2
LG V40 ThinQ LM-V405EBW Android 8
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 SCV40 Android 10
Xiaomi(小米) Redmi Note 9S M2003J6A1R Android 11 
Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) MYFP2J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Generation) MXAT2J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPad Pro 11 (2nd Generation) MY232J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPad (7th Generation) MW752J/A iOS 14.6
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Generation) MTHJ2J/A iOS 12.1
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Generation) MXAT2J/A iOS 14.6
HTC Nexus 9 Nexus 9 Android 7.1.1


6. Troubleshooting

6-1. Unstable image display

Try the following countermeasures:

  • Check the signal strength and move the tablet or smartphone closer to the camera 
  • Close and restart the browser 
  • Clear the cache on the browser
  • Turn off and restart the Wi-Fi connection


6-2.   Wi-Fi connection failure

Try the following countermeasures:

  • Try another tablet or smartphone
  • Remove the Wi-Fi USB adapter from the camera body and connect it again after a while
  • Try another Wi-Fi USB adapter

If the above countermeasures do not work, your camera is not recognizing the Wi-Fi USB adapter.
-> Check the followings:

  • Confirm if the Wi-Fi USB adapter is a tested model
  • Update camera firmware to the latest version*

*Firmware download available at Documentation Database.