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Installation method for rotating the sunshade

Last update: September, 2021

This article describes how to rotate the sunshade to capture the images in vertical layout.

Applicable models: WV-S1536LN / WV-S1536L / WV-S1536LTN

1. After the camera installation, rotate the camera 90 degrees

1-1. Loosen the YAW lock screw

1-2. Rotate the camera 90 degrees


2. Loosen the screws to rotate the sunshade separately from the camera

2-1. Loosen the screw that fixes the lock cover


2-2. Open the lock cover


2-3. Loosen the screw that fixes the sunshade

3. Rotate the sunshade back to the original position

3-1. Pull the sunshade forward


3-2. Rotate the sunshade 90 degrees back to its original position


3-3. Push the sunshade backward


4. Tighten the screws to fix the sunshade

4-1. Tighten the screw to fix the sunshade


4-2. Close the lock cover and fix it with the screw


5. Push the front sunshade backward to the marked line