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360-degree fisheye camera installation for double panorama

Last update: November, 2021

This article describes points to note when installing the below 360-degree Fisheye Network Camera as a replacement for a conventional 360-degree Fisheye model.

Applicable models
WV-X4173, WV-S4151, WV-S4551L(M), WV-X4172, WV-X4573L(M), WV-S4156, WV-S4556L(M), WV-S4176, and WV-S4576L(M)

When "Double panorama" is selected for [Image capture mode] in the above applicable models, the center of its image will be shifted by 45 degrees compared to the conventional models. Therefore, it is necessary to shift the camera in advance by turning the attachment plate 45 degrees at installation. (Position adjustment in units of 90 degrees is possible after installation)


Comparison of installation method and sample images