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System Design Tool


What is System Design Tool ?

i-PRO System Design Tool is a great that can be used on the web anytime, anywhere, greatly reducing the work SIers spend on system design.

- The settings are immediately reflected in the simulation results.

- Dedicated software is not required and can be used anywhere on the web.

Designing security systems and planning projects can be really complex and time consuming : to streamline this and save some real time and money for you, we have recently launched our new i-PRO Security System Design Tool, significantly reducing your work load of system designing.



- The system design is complicated, so work is time-consuming.

- Correct system design requires know-how and experience.


- Drastically reduce the work steps for system design.

- Immediately reflect setting content in simulation results.

- Dedicated software is not required and can be used on the web any time and any place.


NOTE: Internet Explorer is not compatibie with this tool. Please use with ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Microsoft Edge as browser.

Features and Benefits

-Interactive: When the camera setting conditions are changed, the perception and size of the subject can be immediately simulated.

-Optimization: The ideal camera placement and number can be calculated while confirming the overlap in the recording range
                          between cameras.

-Accessible: Data saved as a project can be accessed from the web at any time. 

-Utilization: Saved device lists and results of storage calculation can be exported in CSV format and utilized for proposal data.

How It Works

Step 1: Map Import and Settings

Step 2: Camera Settings

Step 3: Camera List and Storage Calculation

Step 4: Data Save and Utilization

A detailed tutorial on how to use the tool and also some basic operations (for example camera placement and capacity calculation result) can be gathered when clicking right side video.



Operation Guide