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Our product security efforts​


Our Basic policy

“In order to realize customer’s safety and security, we keep making daily effort also in product security area.”

Our activities

Based on the above our basic policy, the following contents are implemented throughout the product life cycle related to products, systems and services.

1. Our definition of product security activities

The product security activities were standardized based on the global security policy established when we were the Panasonic Group. These activities are defined in the Quality Management System and implemented on a daily basis.

2. Our product security design

At first, we investigate potential threats against assets that need to be protected in the product, then after that, we implement appropriate product security measures into the product.

3. Confirmation activity before releasing to market

From both hardware and software perspectives, we check "security weaknesses" called vulnerabilities are NOT remain in products, systems, and services through security diagnostics by professional staff.

Diagnosis content example: 
Checking unnecessary services in operation, confirmation of improper settings, access control (authentication, etc.) related diagnosis, Web security measure diagnosis, Confirmation of residual known vulnerabilities, etc.

4. Post sales support

When we receive information about product security of our product (such as vulnerability information), we immediately confirm the fact by cooperating with related organizations. If we find that the product has product security problem, we take countermeasure by updating product software, etc,  and in addition, we will implement measures to prevent recurrence, such as improving our checking system and process.