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What are the current issues for traffic monitoring?

Our society is faced with various issues that impose threats to our safety and security, such as terrorist attacks, criminal acts and traffic accidents.
We research these situations and provide solutions to make people‘s lives safer and more secure.
By offering advanced technologies, such as cameras with sharp, clear images and automatic recognition functions with an efficient security management system, we help to create a truly safe and smart society where everyone can live comfortably.



Spec Sheet : Vehicle Incident Detection

So many cameras monitored by fewer monitors and fewer operators

It’s difficult to detect vehicle incident by watching many videos with switching.
5-1-1 call from witness may be delayed for a long time.

Vehicle Incident Detection built-in camera

Camera detect “Wrong-way” and “Stopped vehicle” with video analytic technology, then send alarm to your Traffic Management System.


The Vehicle Incident Detection function enables the early detection of traffic accidents and the efficiency of traffic control center.


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