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The i-PRO mini disrupts the traditional compact camera segment by combining sleek, unobtrusive design with powerful AI analytics. The stylish compact AI network camera blends seamlessly into any surroundings and provides insights beyond security. In our interview with Takashi Yuzuriha - Project Leader of i-PRO mini, he shares his thoughts on why the i-PRO is a pioneer innovation in the surveillance market.

What is the most innovative feature of the i-PRO mini? How has this feature disrupted the surveillance market for the better?

The most innovative feature of the i-PRO mini is its size. The mini is the smallest AI surveillance camera on the market. Its pocket-sized form factor is not only discreet and blends seamlessly into its surrounding environment, but it also features a full complement of AI analytics functionality. The mini represents the next generation of smaller, discreet cameras that not only can protect businesses but can also provide operational and business insights. 

What AI analytic applications does the mini provide and how can they help end users?

The mini’s powerful AI processing on the edge enables the camera to quickly process large amounts of data, running up to three simultaneous AI analytic applications. Its AI-based object detection provides enhanced surveillance and reduces false positives while delivering valuable operations and marketing intelligence. It also includes people and vehicle detection with unique attribute extraction such as color, upper/lower garment, face detection and non-mask detection. The camera also supports occupancy monitoring/counting and includes a privacy guard feature that pixelates individual faces or entire bodies.

While developing the i-PRO mini, what was the biggest challenge the production team faced?

The heat emitted by the processor was a concern during the development phase. Heat not only affects the device’s performance, but it can also reduce the life and safety of it. The mini has a small body size, so it does not dissipate heat easily. But, through trial and error and testing the entire device – materials, coating, shapes and layouts — we were able to overcome this challenge and produce a cutting-edge surveillance camera.   

Is the set-up process of the i-PRO mini complicated?

Installation of the mini is an easy process. You can use a smartphone or tablet and an optional Wi-Fi USB adapter to view the live image during installation. The camera remembers the angle at which it was first installed and if there is any change to that angle, a red LED will glow, and an email will be sent to notify the operator of the change. This angle notification is a first-time feature for i-PRO. The mini can also be powered by either a POE or USB-C connection.

Along with its easy setup, the mini also supports third-party application plug-ins that can perform specialized tasks such as monitoring the inventory status on product shelves. Whether it is its size or AI capabilities, the i-PRO mini is a pioneer in the surveillance market.   

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