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We are very proud to announce that the i-PRO X Series of AI capable cameras has been nominated by PSI magazine for the CCTV Product of the Year award! PSI have recognised the best products and suppliers within the industry by nominating them for the award categories. Features, benefits, ease of installation and best service are all factors in the reasons for why the  i-PRO X Series has been nominated.

The final date for voting is June 21st. To vote, please Click here

The i-PRO X-Series of network security cameras with built in AI capabilities making them ideal for the next generation of intelligent applications in business and society. With its Software Development Kit, the camera range is designed for third party application development that can be tailored to a business customer’s needs. The range includes six new models, with 5MP and 4K resolutions, and indoor and outdoor vandal resistant dome or box configurations. By utilising the built-in AI engine, the cameras can provide an improved detecting and classification accuracy, and reduce the amount of false alarms.

The cameras can install up to three video analytics applications, with two i-PRO applications plus the Software Development Kit bundled. The two analytics applications available as of now are AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD) and AI-Privacy Guard.

AI-VMD is capable of detecting any human, vehicle, two-wheel motorcycle or bicycle and can be used for intrusion detection, identifying loitering, direction detection and many more applications. The AI engine enables alarm triggers, based upon predefined parameters, at a higher level of accuracy than ever before.

The second application is AI-Privacy Guard to detect and recognise human figures in a video scene and pixelate their figures or faces for privacy protection. This application is important for many businesses operating in geographies where strict privacy laws are in force, such as Europe with GDPR. It can be used to protect the identities of employees, customers and visitors in a wide range of industries.

The i-PRO X-Series employ an AI engine with on-board analytics to detect suspicious changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analysed, and optimise video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

 “This camera range, with its open Software Development Kit, offers exciting opportunities to tailor a host of next generation AI applications around the specific needs of business customers,” said Gerard Figols, European Head of the i-PRO Security Business Unit. “Our partners already have a number of innovative additional applications in development for future use with the camera range”.