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Adds situational awareness through geo location-based live maps, enhances LPR
integration with vehicle make, model, and color, and supports live streaming
from body-worn cameras

Rolling Meadows, IL, September 20, 2022 i-PRO Americas Inc., a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, today announced the latest enhancements to its Video Insight (VI) VMS featuring live maps, enhanced Vaxtor LPR integration supporting vehicle make, model, and color (MMC), body-worn camera streaming, and third-party integrations.

For users responsible for monitoring cameras across multiple facilities, the latest version of VI now includes a dynamic Live Maps feature that vastly improves situational awareness for security officers. Security officers monitoring multiple cameras need an easy way to navigate to important cameras within the system. When camera names are not clearly identified, it can be a daunting task for anyone not completely familiar with the system. i-PRO’s Live Maps feature is a new camera and facility site map navigation tool that allows users to find cameras based on geographical location.

“Our Live Maps feature is a one-stop shop to see everything, including cameras and alarms, so users can act quickly. With this intuitive and familiar interface, users have a bird’s eye view of buildings, streets and cameras in place showing coverage,” says Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management at i-PRO Americas Inc. “The new Live Maps feature complements our existing facility map feature, adding a higher-level visibility to the street and city level.”

The feature supports quick access to cameras of interest with an easy drag and draw selector tool creating view layouts on the fly for secondary monitor viewing. Cameras and groups can be assigned colors to easily identify them. Any alarming events appear in red on the map to instantly show where an event is taking place in real time.

LPR Enhancements
VI’s existing integration with Vaxtor VaxALPR has now been enhanced to detect vehicle MMC when utilizing i-PRO AI-enabled cameras. With i-PRO’s open AI platform, additional hardware and servers are not required since the VaxALPR application runs solely on the edge, leveraging the i-PRO AI camera’s powerful Ambarella SoC. Users only need a single license for one install and do not need to buy licenses in bulk.

Body-Worn Cameras
Traditional body-worn camera use cases require an officer to bring the camera back and dock it to offload and view captured footage. With the latest version of VI, body-worn cameras now live stream video over Wi-Fi to the VMS, providing true real-time situational awareness for operators monitoring personnel operating in the field. Perfect for school resource officers on active patrol, this capability offers extra eyes in the field so they can quickly call for assistance if needed.

Additional Integrations
The latest release further expands integrations with IP audio devices including Aiphone IP video intercoms. i-PRO has also added support for the TOA intercoms and the TOA IP-A1SC15 IP-horn speaker, adding a powerful voice-down feature for VI users wishing to make audio alerts, announcements or trigger automated messages based on events.

“Our latest VI 7.9.3 update is giving K-12 schools and campuses the situational awareness needed to respond to security events more proactively. VI has always been known in education for its simple user interface, ease of use and low cost of ownership. With AI application development currently exploding, i-PRO provides the perfect vessel with our edge AI processors to deploy those analytics in an efficient way. Our deeper integration with Vaxtor is just one example of how customers can leverage the best analytics applications along with the best AI-enabled cameras,” says Lowenstein. “The new Live Maps enhancements and the latest device integrations like TOA and Aiphone provide schools with the tools they need to respond to situations quicker.”

Video Insight 7.9.3 is available for download now.

For more information, visit: https://i-pro.com/us/en/surveillance/products/video-management-software/.

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