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The New Standard AI S-seriesThe New Standard AI S-series

NEW S-series wide lineup network camera with AI engine

AI camera line-up meets various needs

With the release of a total 34 models including varifocal, fixed focus lenses (3.2mm and 6mm),
black body, smoke dome, heavy salt damage resistant model, etc.,
enables to meet requirement in various on-site scenes.

1. AI analytics
2. Visibility: High image quality / High image compression
3. Usability: Easy kitting
4. High security



Indoor Model


  • 4K
  • vari-focal lens

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  • 5MP
  • vari-focal lens

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Outdoor Model


  • 4K
  • vari-focal lens
  • ClearSight Coating

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  • 5MP
  • vari-focal lens
  • ClearSight Coating

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  • 4K
  • vari-focal lens
  • ClearSight Coating

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  • 5MP
  • vari-focal lens
  • ClearSight Coating

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Models release in 2022


  Model No. Resolution Lens Basic Clear site
Black Salt damage
timing in 2022
Indoor Dome WV-S22700-V2L 4K Vari         April
WV-S22700-V2L1 4K Vari         June
WV-S22700-V2LG 4K Vari         June
WV-S22600-V2L 6MP Vari           June
WV-S22600-V2LG 6MP Vari         June
WV-S22500-V3L 5MP Vari         April
WV-S22500-V3L1 5MP Vari         June
WV-S22500-V3LG 5MP Vari         June
WV-S22500-F3L 5MP Fixed         July
WV-S22500-F6L 5MP Fixed         June
Outdoor Bullet WV-S15700-V2L 4K Vari          
WV-S15700-V2LN 4K Vari         April
WV-S15700-V2LK 4K Vari       June
WV-S15600-V2L 6MP Vari         June
WV-S15600-V2LN 6MP Vari         June
WV-S15500-V3L 5MP Vari         June
WV-S15500-V3LN 5MP Vari         April
WV-S15500-V3LN1 5MP Vari       June
WV-S15500-V3LK 5MP Vari       June
WV-S15500-F3L 5MP Fixed         July
WV-S15500-F6L 5MP Fixed         July
Outdoor Dome WV-S25700-V2L 4K Vari         June
WV-S25700-V2LG 4K Vari         June
WV-S25700-V2LN 4K Vari         April
WV-S25700-V2LN1 4K Vari       June
WV-S25600-V2L 6MP Vari         June
WV-S25600-V2LG 6MP Vari         June
WV-S25600-V2LN 6MP Vari         June
WV-S25500-V3L 5MP Vari         June
WV-S25500-V3LG 5MP Vari         June
WV-S25500-V3LN 5MP Vari         April
WV-S25500-V3LN1 5MP Vari       June
WV-S25500-F3L 5MP Fixed         July
WV-S25500-F6L 5MP Fixed         July

Models released in 2021


  Model No. Resolution Lens IR-LED Clear site
Long forcal Release
Indoor Dome WV-S2136 2MP Vari       2021
WV-S2136L 2MP Vari     2021
WV-S2236L 2MP Vari     2021
Indoor Box WV-S1136 2MP Vari       2021
Outdoor Dome WV-S2536L 2MP Vari     2021
WV-S2536LN 2MP Vari   2021
WV-S2536LTN 2MP Vari 2021
Outdoor Bullet WV-S1536L 2MP Vari     2021
WV-S1536LN 2MP Vari   2021
WV-S1536LTN 2MP Vari 2021


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1.AI analytics

AI analytical applications capability

Equipped with an AI engine inside the camera for AI processing on the edge side. Up to 2 or 3 AI apps* can be operated at the same time. *Depends on the model

AI-VMD (Video Motion Detection)

Loitering Detection

Detect and issue an alarm when a moving object loiters or stays in specified period at specified area.

Cross Line Detection

Detect movement beyond the set line.

Direction Detection

Detect and issue an alarm when an object move to specified direction at specified area.

Intruder Detection

Detect intrusion into a specific area with high accuracy and issues an alarm.
The camera automatically identifies the person, four-wheeled vehicle, and two-wheeled vehicle in the subject.
It is possible to send an alarm according to each object captured in the subject.

People detection

Intelligent Facial Recognition Analytics

Vehicle detection

Deep Learning Vehicle Search Solution analytics

Suspicious sound detection

Ai privacy Guard

Protect privacy and portrait rights



Find more about AI Analytics

Learn more…



Open platform
Ready for third party AI applications

i-PRO Camera Application Platform is a program where unique applications developed by application partners can be installed in i-PRO network cameras.Application partners can develop and distribute applications in an open environment. Learn more…


2. Visibility: High image quality / High image compression

Superior Low Light Performance

Conventional i-PRO camera
NEW i-PRO Full HD S-series

Improved image for identification even in very low light

Conventional i-PRO camera IR-LED: ON
NEW i-PRO Full HD S-series IR-LED: ON

Advanced intelligent Auto

Conventional i-PRO camera Intelligent Auto: ON
Shutter speed / Auto exposure / Gamma correction / Noise reduction
NEW i-PRO Full HD S-series Intelligent Auto: ON

Super Dynamic for better visibility in back light condition

Conventional i-PRO camera Super Dynamic: OFF
NEW i-PRO Full HD S-series Super Dynamic: ON

AI Smart Coding

Bit rate Max. 50%

3. Usability: Easy Kitting

Easy Kitting Package

Easy Kitting package allows you to configure IP settings without taking the camera out of the carton box.

4. High Security

Secure communication with GlobalSign certification

Equipped FIPS 140-2 level3* certified hardware.

*Equipped with some models released in 2022 April to June

Pre-installed digital certificates issued by Global Sign.

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Other key features - Reliability

Vandal Resistant

*WV-S2236L,WV-S1536L,WV-S1536LN,WV-S2536L,WV-S2536LN only

  • Highly impact resistant
  • IEC 62262 IK10

Water & Dust Resistant

*WV-S1536L,WV-S1536LN,WV-S2536L,WV-S2536LN only

  • IP66 (IEC60529)
  • Type 4X (UL50E)
  • NEMA 4X compliant