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Linfox Armaguard - Australia

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Asia & Oceania
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CCTV upgrade which will see All Armaguard Facilities on VI and Panasonic Cameras. 45 Sites Plus two Control Rooms Future Mobile Solution of possible 600 Trucks.

1500 Body ware cameras to be added to complete solution.


 Linfox Armaguard used Panasonic analogue Cameras with Digital recorders (HD616) But with IP cameras Panasonic Lost a lot of the business to Mobotics and Indigo Vision.
With the Release of Video Insight in Australia 2017 we re approached Armaguards and started to test our IP Cameras Range Extreme series and VI.  Finally they accepted Panasonic VI solution with extreme Camera and we started to roll out VI  over 40 sites.

H.265 played a big role with the reduction in data storage and bandwidth reduction.
VI played a big role in that it is an open platform and we could use 3rd party cameras that was already in installed. Picture quality was superior.
Next Phase: 
Mobile solution for 600 Trucks with about 1500 Body ware Cameras.
Ongoing installation of VI into Armaguard sites